My trip to Manatee County, FL this week went well.  Now I am home for the weekend.  Lori and I are still sitting in bed relaxing before we do some running around.  She’s already showered…I’m the lazy one that has only gotten up once to use the bathroom.  I’ll get up in a little while.  I’m just enjoying doing nothing for right now.

Today we’ve got to stop by Men’s Wearhouse so that I can pick out the shirt style that I want my guys to wear during the wedding.  It shouldn’t be that difficult….hopefully.  I just need to look for a maroon colored shirt and be done with it.  It’s crazy how close the actual wedding date is.  Eight weeks from now Lori and I will be husband and wife.  Finally.  It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for this day.  And to top it off, being parents is going to be awesome too!  She still hasn’t been in to see a doctor yet.  She will try to set up a an appointment for next week.  Once we find out exactly how far along she is, we’ll post that on here.

Well, I need to hop my lazy ass in the shower now and attempt to be a productive member of society.