It’s already 10:30am and I feel like I’ve wasted a good part of the day away.  That always seems to happen when you have a limited amount of time with which to get thngs done.  Tonight, I’m driving out to Wimberley, TX in preparation for a go-live that we have with Hays County this week.  This is going to be the biggest joint go-live that we have ever had.  It’s going to involve around 450 users, and we are deploying every single product center that our company makes.  We’ve never done this before, so it should be interesting, to say the least.

As to my “To Do” list that I have today, here are a few things on it:

  • Pack for the week
  • Clean the apartment
  • Iron a set of work clothes
  • Go to Lowe’s to pick up window tint & weather stripping
  • Put in the window tint

I need to have all this done before I leave tonight.  It doesn’t seem like alot, but I’m sure it will eat my whole day up.  I normally don’t have to iron my dress clothes, but when I took them to the dry cleaners on Friday afternoon and asked if I could get them back on Saturday, none of the 3 places that I went to could do that for me.  That, to me is ridiculous, especially when they advertise “Same Day Service”.  I think that they need to have a line underneath that on their sign that says “Except for when you bring things in on Fridays”.  I’ve never had a problem with that before.  At my old dry cleaners, I could take them in first thing in the morning on Saturday and have them back by 2:00 pm.  That’s the way that it should be.  I wish that I could have brought that dry cleaning place with me when we moved to Round Rock.  Since I wasn’t able to get them done, I’m going to iron clothes for tomorrow and hope that I can find a dry cleaners in the morning that will be able to help me out with the rest.

The Lowe’s trip is having to be made because our master bedroom gets exremely hot in the afternoon/evenings.  We’re going to put some window tint on the windows that are west-facing.  And, we’re going to put weather stripping along all the open edges so that no hot air can seep through and bake the room.  We had thought about just moving into the spare bedroom, but Lori doesn’t want to have to walk down the hall to the bathroom.   That isn’t a problem now, but my brother Richard may be coming to stay with us for a little while, so she wants her privacy.  With being pregnant and all, I can understand that.  So, we need to do what we can to cool that room down.  Otherwise, our electricity bill is going to be more outrageous than it already is.  I can’t wait for these 100+ degree days to start subsiding.  But, I don’t think that there’s any relief in sight for the near future.  The weather report last night was calling for the next 4 or 5 days with 100+ days.  Enough of the heat already.  But, I’ll take the heat any day compared to the extreme and constant cold that I had to endure while I lived in Minnesota for two years.

Well, I’ve wasted enough time talking about what I need to get done.  Now I need to get to work.  Time’s a-wastin’ and there’s things to do around here.  I want to be able to relax a little tonight before I head to good ole Wimberley. – E