I think that I lucked out with the JP (Justice of the Peace) office that I’m assisting with the go-live.  There are 3 ladies in the office and a couple Constables working there.  Oh and a young judge who seems more like someone I would hang out with rather than a judicial official.  But that has nothing to do with the story that I’m about to tell. 

While I’ve been at the office, they have treated for breakfast and lunch, which of course I’m not going to turn down.  Today the Constable said that he was going to treat for lunch.  So we head out to this mom and pop restaurant called Miss Mae’s BBQ.  A chopped beef sandwich meal was the order of business for me.  I place my order and the Constable, Darrell is his name, mentions to Laverne (the old lady working the counter) that he is going to pick up my bill today. 

“He’s working for the company that’s putting in our new software system, so we’ve got to make sure that he’s taken care of,” he told Luverne.  Granted, it wasn’t a huge bill (I think my lunch was around five bucks….but it’s definitely the gesture that counts.)

At that point, Laverne looks up at me and says “Where do you work?”

I told her that I worked for Tyler Technologies.  She said “Where’s that at?” and I told her that our office was located in Plano, but that I worked from home in Round Rock.  She thought for a second and said “Well, I’m glad to hear that the county finally decided to do away with The Software Group.  They made my life hell!”  Well, how funny that she said that because I work for The Software Group.  It’s a subset of Tyler Technologies.

I smiled at her (all the while the Constable is smiling too) and said “Um, yeah….that’s us.  We are The Software Group.”  LOL!  She definitely had a look on her face that said “yeah, I want to put my foot in my mouth now.”  But instead she said “Well, you know, it wasn’t their fault that things were rough when we first converted over years and years ago, it was the Commissioner’s fault for not asking us what exactly we needed.”  It was priceless to see her face when I said that I worked for TSG though. 

I’ve had my share of moments like that when I said something like that not realizing who I was saying it to. Makes for a funny memory when you look back on them.

Note to self:  If you’re going to talk bad about someone or something, be sure that it’s safe to do that.  Otherwise, you may be tasting the sole of your shoe in your mouth! (meaning putting your foot in your mouth when you say something that maybe you get embarrassed about. Not my foot in your mouth…your own foot.)