Right now, I’m on an American Airlines flight heading up north to Detroit.  I’ve got 2 days of what we’re calling Advisory Board training.  The Advisory Board for the Criminal stage of this project is responsible for making business and development decisions as they pertain to Odyssey.  In order for them to be able to make educated decisions surrounding business processes, we decided that it would be beneficial for them to have some sort of primer training so that they can start using the application to test out configuration options that have been put in place.  It’s my job to do this training for them.  I caught a 6:57am flight this morning, which I almost missed, but I’ll get to that in a little bit.  I’ll get in town, each lunch and our first session will start at 1:00pm.  We have a session today and one tomorrow morning.  Each of them is only going to be 3 hours long because of their work schedule, so it’s going to be a challenge getting through everything that I would like to cover with any amount of detail.
Real quick, about my flight this morning.  Last night, I called American Airlines to check on my gate for my flight leaving out of Dallas.  It was important for me to check because AA flies out of 3 different terminals at DFW.  I used the automated feature on the phone and entered my flight number.  It told me that my flight was due to leave out of gate A23.  With my flight leaving so early this morning, I thought it would be a good idea for me to stay close to the airport so that I wouldn’t have to get up at 3 in the morning to make it in time.
I set my alarm for 4:30am.  I haven’t had to get up that early since I was in Basic Training back in 1992.  So, it was rough.  I didn’t hear the alarm go off the first time, but I woke up shortly after.  I waited for the next alarm and decided to hoist my tired ass out of bed.  I showered, shaved, got dressed and headed out to the airport.  By the time that the Avis shuttle got me to the A terminal, it was about 6:20am.  I checked in and checked my suitcase (which I normally carry on) because I was too tired to lug it around and deal with it at the security checkpoint.  I got my ticket and made my way toward the security line.  DAMN!  The line was long!!  Apparently all of America catches the red-eye flight in the morning.  I glanced at the time and I was still good to go and knew that I would still make it to my gate in time. 

Once I got through security, I made my way over to gate A23.  Weird, there was no one there.  At that time, I glanced down at my ticket.  I’ll be damned if my flight wasn’t leaving out of A23.  In fact, it was in a completely different terminal.  It was now 6:40am, my flight was supposed to leave at 6:57 and I had to truck it over to C32.  Panicked, I called Lori to express my frustration.  I guess it helps to bitch sometimes.  Then I called Paul, the project manager who was already in Detroit.  I told him what was going on and that I was making my way on the tram to the C terminal.  I was sure that I would miss my flight though.  Well, I got to the gate and the door was still open.  I ended up being the last person to board the plane.  Thank God, because I sure as hell didn’t want to spend the next few hours waiting in the airport for the next available flight. 

So I’ve got this training to do this afternoon and I’m sure that I’ll have to meet with Detroit PM afterwards to discuss other items.  Once I am done, I’m going to grab something to eat and call it a day.  I’m exhausted now, so I’m sure that by the end an afternoon of talking, I’ll really be ready to hit the sack. 

I plan on going to visit Anne Marie, my dad’s sister tomorrow after work.  And then we’ll head over to my grandparent’s house so that I can break the news to them that I’m going to be a day.  They really liked Lori when they met and they know how in love we are, so I’m sure that they’ll be excited for us.  Who couldn’t be?  We’re going to make great parents!  I have no doubt about that.