I’m supposed to be catching a 7:00pm flight back to Austin tonight, leaving out of Detroit, MI. However, I’m sure everyone has seen the news going on in England with the airports taking huge precautions because of a foiled terrorist plot to blow up intercontinental flights leaving out of England and flying into the United States. Now, there’s been a domino affect that I’m sure will trickle down to my flight tonight. I hope that isn’t the case though. As it is, my flight isn’t supposed to arrive in until 10:39pm tonight. That’s late enough already. Any later and I’ll have to have someone else besides Lori come pick me up. I don’t want her making the 30+ minute drive out to the airport being as tired as she has been in the evenings.

Another bummer of this whole thing is that I may not be able to take with me the 12 pack of Vernor’s ginger ale that I picked up for Lori. We can’t find any down south where we live and she loves the stuff. Plus, ginger ale is supposed to be good for soothing an upset stomach. With the new TSA precautions banning carry on items in liquid form such as hair gel, hair spray, mouthwash, drinks, etc, I may have to try checking the 12-pack under the plane for the trip. I wonder if they’ll do that. If not, I’ll just have to ditch it at the airport.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m just ready for a little break in my own home for a while.