Last week I was in Detroit for work. When I left the airport in my rental car en route to the hotel, I passed a gas station that had Regular Unleaded for $3.29/gallon! That is absurd! And it got me thinking about this a little more. I personally have not be as badly affected by the out of control gas prices because I work from home, so my driving in pretty limited. But, for people that have long commutes or for those that must drive alot to pick up their children from school, sports practices, etc, it’s got to be killing them. And it isn’t necessarily the more wealthy people that are affected as much. It’s the middle class and below that are feeling the brunt of this insanity.

It just really leaves a sick feeling in my stomach every time I think about the fact that it costs close to $3.00 to put ONE gallon of gas in my vehicle. And I make pretty good money. I can’t imagine how hard it is for those that are struggling to make ends meet. Or for those that are still making the same f’ing minimum wage that people 10 YEARS AGO made! If you think about those people that are making minimum wage, they’re usually doing jobs that others are “too good” to do. And to see how much gas has gone up is sickening. It’s getting to the point that people can’t even afford to drive their cars anymore. That is pretty damned shameful considering that oil companies are making so much money that their senior executives can retire relatively young with a retirement plan worth almost a half billion dollars! What’s wrong with this picture? These companies are making money hand over fist and there’s no use for it. There’s no reason that we should be paying the outrageous prices for gas that we are. What’s going to happen when gas prices get up to and over $4/gallon? What do we do when people can’t afford to drive to work or can’t afford to take their kids to school or the doctor because it’s like having a second car payment to fill their tanks up? This is a disgrace and I can’t believe that it’s being tolerated. Well, actually I can.

It comes down to greed basically. The president has money invested in oil, so of course he doesn’t care. And he’s not having to struggle to scrape money together to get a couple gallons of gas with his minimum wage paycheck. And the oil companies don’t care. They’re making so much money that it’s blinding them to how the American people are being screwed! Exxon, last month, reported their second quarter earnings. Do you think they were dissapointed? Hell no! Their earnings climbed 35% for the quarter, giving them $10.36 BILLION dollars….for the quarter! For 3 months, they earned over $10 billion dollars. At our expense!! The average American is suffering while these top execs at these companies are living high on the hog.

And yet there are people that can’t afford to drive anymore. And not to mention the homeless and starving out there. Don’t even get me started on that.

Man, we’ve really got our priorities mixed up America! What is it going to take to do something about it? Do we have to crush the American dream for the lower class because they can’t afford to drive their cars? I sure hope not.