I finally caught a glimpse of the old Lori yesterday. It seems that her hormones must have started to stabalize. She was in a really good mood, offered to cook and just all around appeared to being doing much better than she has in quite a while. It’s probably no coincidence that today marks the end of her first trimester! Wow, what a milestone – and damn, where has the time gone? It’s crazy how time goes by so fast some times. In this case, I’m glad that it did. I told her last night “See sweetie, that first trimester wasn’t that bad now was it?” Of course, there was some sarcasm in my voice as I said it with a smile. It was pretty difficult for both of us. Me not as much as her though. But she was a trooper through it all. And now our chances of success with this pregnancy have drastically increased. That’s a big relief.

Another contributing factor to her sudden happiness might have also been that today is the last day of her current job. I won’t get into the specifics, but it’s been a challenge for her at this job. Not a challenge of her work abilities, but just dealing with some of the things at work, that’s been the challenge. So her last day is today and knowing that she’s not going to be there anymore has lifted a huge weight off her chest. Although, now she’s got the task of finding another job. She’s concerned with having to inform her potential employer about her pregnancy. But, I’ve done some reading online in forums and she’s not the only person that has ever faced this dilemma. I believe that if the employer is worth a damn, then they’ll be understanding of it. And if they’re not, then she doesn’t need to be there in the first place. She’s got an interview on Monday with an environmental lab that is just like the lab that she worked for in Plano, TX before we moved her to the Austin area. She’s a perfect fit for the job. We’ll see how the interview goes. I have faith that she’ll be able to find something. The old Lori is back, she can do anything she puts her mind to!

One thing that sucks about her being back to her old self is that I’m about to go on a serious travel stint again. I’ll be in Detroit Sunday through Thursday of next week. Then, that next Sunday, I’m flying out to Allentown, PA where I’ll be for a week and a half straight. I’ll come back on Wednesday prior to the wedding. Once the wedding is over, I’m heading back out to Allentown on that Monday. I’ll be there for the week and then hopefully, the traveling will stop for a while. I can’t wait for us to have some time to enjoy each other and the upcoming baby without having the stress of me traveling or the stress of the pending wedding to deal with. And I’m sure that Lori feels the same way.

Here we are at the beginning of the weekend, but we only have part of it to spend together. I’ll have to figure out something special to do to make the most of it. I’ve never claimed to be the most creative person, so if any of you have some good suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment.