After much thought, disagreements and deliberation, we finally came up with an awesome Scottish girl’s name if our child ends up being a girl as Lori seems to be so sure about. If our newest Ferguson is a daughter instead of a son, then her name is going to be Ailey McKenna Ferguson. The name Ailey (pronounced “eye” + “lee” ) means “bird” or it can mean “rival”. And the middle name McKenna used to be a Scottish last name that was transferred to feminine forename use (that’s what the website said that we got the names from). We didn’t really choose the names because of their meanings or significance. We chose them because we like how they roll off the tongue. Our baby will have an original name, at least in the US. I have never met anyone with the name Ailey.

And if we have a boy, his name is going to be Logan Matthew. We like the name Logan and Matthew was my great grandfather’s name on my dad’s side. Hopefully we’ll end up with a boy and a girl after all this baby making is done so that we can use both of the names that we have chosen. Otherwise, it’ll be back to the drawing board for the next child that we have if it ends up being the same gender as the first one.

We’ll be finding out the gender in a couple weeks. At today’s doctor’s visit, we’ll make our next appointment. I’ll post more when I get more info.