Since the beginning of the pregnancy, we’ve had a boy’s name picked out in the event that our first little Ferguson is a boy. Logan Matthew Ferguson would be the name. We both like the name Logan and Matthew is my great grandfather’s name on my dad’s side. However, the other day, we came up with another boy’s name for a second boy baby, if there should ever be one, but it’s giving us trouble now. That name is Carter. No new middle name yet, only the first name.

Last night, Lori said, “I’m unsure now what I want for our first boy’s name. I’m really liking the name Carter. And I like Tucker too.” (Tucker was a name that she came up with. I think it’s alright, but it’s not my favorite.) So, we both got to talking about it. Carter Matthew Ferguson. We said the name over and over again to see how well it rolled off our tongues. Carter Ferguson, Carter Ferguson, Carter Matthew Ferguson. It kind of has a ring to it. We both like it. But, do we like it better than Logan Matthew? That part we’re unsure of.

That being said, we’d like to enlist the help of those who read this. See which name you like better and leave us a comment letting us know how you feel about it. Maybe that will help us with our decision of what name to grace our first child with.