Tomorrow ends a long almost two weeks of being out of town without being able to go home.  My flight tomorrow leaves Detroit at 7:09pm and after my layover in Houston, I’ll be arriving in Austin at 11:50pm!  Man, that’s late.  By the time my luggage makes its way to the baggage claim and I get on the shuttle to get to my truck in the parking lot, it’ll probably be close to 12:45am ….maybe pushin’ 1:00am.  Then I’ve got about 30 minutes of driving to get home.  I’m going to be tired as hell!!  But, I sure will be happy to see my wife and dog!  I can’t even express how excited I am.  I feel like I’ve been gone for months!! 

 I know that Penny is probably going to flip out.  Lori is going to make sure that Penny has plenty of room to run around when I walk in the door.  She does this thing where she wags her whole body and whines.  She’ll roll over on the floor and let me scratch her until she’s worked herself into a frenzy.  Then she’ll hop up and go ballistic around the apartment, grabbing her toys, jumping up at me and making weird noises.  It’s the cutest thing that you’ll ever see!