To begin, I’ll explain what Elf means.  Lori wanted us to have a nickname for our developing baby.  A friend of ours, Monica, calls her baby Critter.  Another friend, Kristi, calls hers Peanut.  I’ve decided to call ours Elf.  I know it sounds funny, but it has a meaning.  E.L.F. stands for Eric & Lori Ferguson.  It’s our baby, so to me, the name is perfect!  Lori thinks it’s weird, but I beg to differ.  So from now on, I’m calling our l’il one Elf.  Hopefully, he/she won’t look like an elf. : )

Yesterday, we had our first prenatal visit.  According to the doctor, everything is going great so far.  We’re feeling alot better about this pregnancy too because when Lori was pregnant with Logan, she had pretty frequent bleeding and spotting throughout the pregnancy.  I know that spotting isn’t always a bad thing, but since that’s not happening this time, we’re going to take that as a good sign.  Before Lori got pregnant the first time, her periods were always extremely rough.  Quite a few times, she would have to stay home from work when they started because the pain was so bad that she would sometimes throw up.  She had quite a bit of clotting too with her periods.  Dr. Maunder, Lori’s OB/GYN, said that there’s a possibility that this could have had something to do with the problems that Lori experienced with Logan’s pregnancy. 

After we lost Logan last year, Lori’s periods changed.  She no longer had grueling cramps and bleeding.  They are somewhat normal now.  And Dr. Maunder told Lori that once she found out she was pregnant, that she needed to start taking a baby aspirin a day.  He says that doctors don’t know exactly why, but this has been known to help when it comes to issues dealing with clotting.  The same way that they recommend that older people take aspirin to help prevent heart attacks.  That’s what Lori is doing now, taking a baby aspirin a day along with her prenatal vitamins. 

This time around, our first sonogram was 2 1/2 weeks earlier than Logan’s was.  Logan was 7cm long and it was easy to make out the outline of his little body.  With baby Elf, it’s difficult to make anything out.  He/she’s only 0.71 cm long…about the size of a grain of rice.  But, we were able to make out the heart beating in the sonogram.  The machine that was used this time also had Doppler on it which meant that we were able to hear the heartbeat as well.  That was pretty cool.  We didn’t get that with Logan’s first visit. 

In the sonogram picture, I’ve tried to point some things out.  I don’t know which end is the head and which is the rear, but from the looks of it and where the heart is, I think that I’ve got it right.  You can see a snapshot of it below.  Like I said, you can’t make much out, but that’s because it’s so early on.  Only 6 weeks and 5 days.  Even though it is so early on, we saw what we wanted to.  A heart beat.  Our baby Elf is alive and well.  And there’s only one baby.  I was secretly wanting twins, but one baby is enough for us to start out with.  Lori was relieved by that.

We’ll post more updates as we get them.  Our next sonogram won’t be until Lori is about 20 weeks pregnant.  By then, we should be able to tell what the sex of our little Elf is.  The pictures will be drastically different than the one below.  If you look closely at this one, you’ll be able to see that the baby has my long legs. 

Baby Ferguson