I was watching a story the other night about the Duggar family.  The just recently had their 16th child!  I’ve seen a special on this family before.  They only had 15 kids at the time.  Only….man, that is crazy!  I can’t imagine having 16 kids.

As I think about what it’s going to be like raising my own child, I can’t help but wonder how overwhelming the feeling of love will be for him or her.  I already felt an intense bond with Logan and we never had a chance to raise him.  I’m sure that when we finally have a child that we can take home with us, it’s going to be an incredible feeling.  I can’t imagine what it would be like with 16 children. 

I admire the fact that they are raising all of those childrens and they’re doing it by the Bible.  They’re raising very respectful, God loving children.  The kids are home schooled, and they all play one or two instruments.  The show that was just on showed their final product of the home that they had been working on for close to 5 years.  It’s a HUGE house that the whole family worked on themselves.  They got a little bit of help from friends or neighbors, but for the most part, it was purely the fruits of the Duggar family’s labor.  And what I gathered from it was that it was definitely a labor of love.

After having 4 or 5 kids, I would think that the incredible feeling you get when you have children would dimish a little.  Times that by 3 or 4.  Surely, by being pregnant for over 12 years of your life, like Michelle Duggar, you start to feel like it’s old hat.  And what I think about is how hard it must be to give individualized attention and love to each of your kids.  It’s got to be difficult.  I don’t know that I’d want that many kids.  In fact, I know for sure that I don’t.  Two or three kids….maaaaaaaaaaybe four, and that’s it.  I’m sure that 3 or 4 would be a handful.  Lori doesn’t want any more than that either.  So, for now, I applaud the Duggar family for what they have done.  They said that they believe that it’s God’s intention for them to keep having kids, so they have been.  It sure sounds like a feat that I don’t know many of us would be willing to take on…and take on with the extremely positive attitude that this family has.  Pretty amazing!