The other night, I was talking to Lori about how we needed to brush our dog, Penny’s, teeth.  I was able to find the canine toothpaste that we bought a while back, but I couldn’t find the toothbrush that we had for her.  Lori said “You can just use mine, I need to get a new one anyway.”  That worked out perfect.  Plus, we have an awesome Oral-B powered toothbrush, so she was just going to use that since she was giving up her own manual toothbrush for Penny’s sake.

 I held Penny down, while Lori attempted to brush dirty dog teeth.  Penny wasn’t too happy with us, but she still stayed there while we tried to do as much as we could.  I’m sure it helped out a little, but it didn’t get them completely clean.  We’re gonna have to make an appointment at the vet to get her teeth cleaned real well.

Once we were done, I rinsed off the toothbrush and laid it on our vanity in our bathroom.  We’ve got a double vanity.  I laid the toothbrush on Lori’s side.  I didn’t know if she was going to want to do something with it or put it somewhere, but I just laid it there. 

Later that evening, as we were getting ready to go to bed, I was brushing my teeth and glanced over at the Oral-B.  It didn’t seem like it was wet at all and I know that Lori was in there before me brushing her teeth.  All of the sudden, I got a weird feeling.

“Hey Lori!”

“Yeah Sweetie?”

“Ummmmm, what toothbrush did you use to brush your teeth???”

The look on her face was PRICELESS!  Yes, it’s true.  She used the same toothbrush that we used to brush our dog’s teeth with! 

“Why did you put it by the sink?!  You know that’s where I put my toothbrush when I’m done with it!”

Well, I didn’t put it on the same side.  She usually puts it on the right side of the sink and I put it on the left side.  I guess it’s party my fault, but we’re blaming it on her being pregnant.  Hell, it hadn’t even been an hour between the time that we brushed Penny’s teeth and when Lori brushed her own.  Too funny!  I was laughing pretty hard at that one!  One of the first things that I said was “Man, I can’t wait to blog about this!”  hahahahahahaha.

Of course, you know I had to have some smart-ass comments to follow that up.  I bent down by Penny and acted like I was trying to console her.  I said something like “Penny, I know you’re mad that Mommy used your toothbrush, but it’ll be alright.”  It was great!  I loved every minute of it.  Poor Lori though.  How gross is that?  But, they say that dog’s mouths are filled with alot of anticeptic bacteria or something.  Still, Penny licks her butt.  Yuck!

(And in case you are wondering, no Lori is not mad that I’m posting this.  It was good humor and she understands that.  And no, I did not put the toothbrush there so that she might accidentally use it.  Complete accident and not paying attention on my part as well.  I should have known better, but hey, I’m “pregnant” too!)