I’m sitting here in the airport in Houston, waiting for my connection to Detroit.  I’ve got 2 ½ hours to kill so I thought that I’d put a blog together.  Today starts the first trip in many that are to come one week after another after another.  I’m heading up to Detroit today and I’ll get there around 9:00pm.  This week is going to by my prep week for the 5 weeks of training that I’ll be conducting starting on August 27th.  Once the training is over, I’ll be in Detroit for two more weeks for their Criminal division go-live.  Added together, it’s 8 straight weeks that I’ll be going to Detroit, coming back home, going to Detroit, coming back home, etc.  My flights returning home don’t get in until 10:12pm on Friday nights.  By the time that I get to my truck and make it home, it’ll be around 11:30pm.  That makes for a long Friday.  And then on Sunday afternoon, I do it all over again.  Sounds fun, doesn’t it? 

If I wasn’t married, didn’t have a pet dog, and didn’t have a pregnant wife at home, then it probably wouldn’t bother me too much to do this traveling.  All I can think about though, is Lori and the baby.  Lori is worried that something is going to happen to the pregnancy while I’m out of town.  I have to keep trying to assure her that everything is going to be alright.  We are at 10 weeks now.  That’s halfway to the point that we were when we lost Logan last year.  The 20 week point is going to be a huge milestone for us and unfortunately, I am going to be out of town for the next 8 weeks so aside from the brief weekends that I have at home, Lori will be on her own with our dog.  I just hope that she doesn’t dwell too much on bad things that might happen.  This pregnancy is already going better than the one with Logan.  We need to focus on that and keep thinking positively. 

I can’t wait until we find out whether we’re going to be having a little boy or girl.  Lori wants us to take some sort of card to the doctor’s office with us when we go for the mid-term sonogram.  She wants the person doing it to write down the sex of the baby on the card that we bring in.  We aren’t going to really look at the sonogram pictures until after the visit.  They provide a DVD with those visits, so we can watch it once we get home.  Once we are done with that doctor’s appointment, we are going to go to the cemetery and look at the card at Logan’s gravesite.  Lori wants us to be with Logan when we find out.  I think it’s a pretty good idea.  That’ll pretty much be a year from the date that we lost Logan.  It’s only fitting that we be out there to spend time at his site and finding out the sex of our new baby will be something that will help us deal with the sorrow that I’m sure will be heavy on our hearts during that time. 

I’ve been thinking about this pregnancy compared to Logan’s, quite a bit lately.  I’ve been comparing how I feel now compared to how I felt this time last year.  Last year, we bought a bunch of books so that we could find out all of the interesting things that new parents need/want to know.  I even got a couple books for fathers to get an expectant dad’s point of view. 

This year, neither one of us has really cracked those books open.  We’ll open a couple of them each week to check the progress of the baby, but other than that, we haven’t been spending much time reading them.  I think that’s because we already did that last time.  This part of the pregnancy, we’ve already been through before.  So, we kinda know what’s going on with the baby at this stage in the pregnancy.  I’m willing to bet, that once we get past the point that we were with Logan, we’ll start picking the books back up again.  We haven’t been through the latter stages of pregnancy, so that’ll be new to us, once we get there.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about being able to feel the baby for myself.  Lori got to feel Logan moving inside her for a few weeks last year.  I didn’t get that pleasure.  The only time that I got to feel him was when I was holding his little body in my arms at the hospital, but there wasn’t any moving.  Just tears and coldness.  I want to feel a moving baby – a baby that’s alive and well.  I want to see its little feet pushing against Lori stomach.  I want to be able to put my hand on her stomach and have positive affirmation that my baby is inside, moving around. 

I’ll have to wait a while before it gets to that point though.  Until then, I’ll be spending most of my time in a hotel away from my wife, my baby and our cute dog Penny.  Once this traveling is over with though, that should be it for a while.  I’m ready for a normal schedule again.  I’m ready to consistently be home.  I’m ready to experience Lori’s pregnancy.