So, where to begin.  So much has happened recently and it’s been so long since I wrote anything.  Guess I’ll start with the “not healthy” part.

Eric has been traveling to Detroit the past 5 (or is it 6) weeks and still has 3 1/2 to go.  He comes home at 11:30 on Friday night and leaves again at 11:30 on Sunday morning.  Needless to say, all the traveling and training has been tough on him.  He has been very sick the past 3 weeks.  I feel so bad for him being up there and me not able to take care of him, but there is really nothing either of us can do about it.

Last week, I had a stomach virus for 3 days. Then I woke up on Friday morning with my whole body hurting and my head pounding.  I thought to myself..just great, guess it’s my turn!  Well, by the end of the weekend I was full-blown sick.  I know, being pregnant, that pretty much the only thing I can take is Sudafed.  Well, guess what – I found out the hard way I’m allergic to it!  It causes me to projectile vomit.  Ahhhhh…….not pleasent at all!

I was supposed to go to a temp job on Monday, but I started driving and had a little nervous break-down.  I was not feeling good at all.  Eric told me to go home and call the Dr.  Well, I called and they squeezed me in at 10.  Come to find out, I have a severe sinus infection. But, on a good note, Dr. Maunder was able to find the heartbeat (after having to keep moving around, seems we have a really active little one) and it read at 140 bpm.  I was relieved.  He placed me on a Zpack which I’m assuming is OK to take while I’m pregnant.  I mean, he is my OBGYN and knows I’m pregnant.  I’m sure he wouldn’t let me take it if it wasn’t OK.  I’m supposed to fly to Detroit Thursday through Monday because Sunday is mine and Eric’s 1 year anniversary.  As of right now, I’m “grounded”.  So unless I’m better by tomorrow, I won’t be going and we won’t be together.

On top of our sickness, we’ve noticed that our dog, Penny, hasn’t been herself.  Yesterday Eric googled her symptoms and told me that I needed to take her to the vet.  So, after I went to the Dr. I took her.  Come to find out, she has the beginning stages of pneumonia.  Poor thing.  Now she’s on antibiotics as well.  She now has to take 4 pills twice a day and they had to inject her with simple fluids because she was severely dehydrated.

I think that Pdog and my sickness was partly due to what happened at our apt. last Tuesday.  I woke up at 1am to what sounded like rain.  I thought to myself, it’s not supposed to rain.  Then I realized the noise was coming from the kitchen. Mind you, this was during the time I had the stomach flu.  Well, I flipped on the light and much to my surprise I had a fountain flowing from the vent above our sick!  I called emergency maintenance.  15 minutes went by and no call back.  I then begin to hear what sounded like a waterfall in the wall that seperates our living room from the utility room/entrance.  It then starting getting wet.  I walked around the corner to the utility room and discovered that the carpet was flooded.  Water was pouring out of the hall light switch, into a storage closet and into the utility room.  I again call emergency main. and after about another 5 minutes, they called back.  He said it would take him about 20 minutes to get to our apt. since he lives off-site.  In the meantime, Eric had called the fire dept. (from Detroit) and asked if they could break in to the apt. above us and shut off the water.  Well, they can’t.  Anyway, the guy finally arrived and stopped the water.  The next day, water extraction came, pulled back the carpet, ripped up the pad and placed 2 industrial size blowers and a dehumidifier in the apt.  He said they have to run for 48 hours.  Can I just tell you it was LOUD!!  Penny and I had to live in the bedroom for those 48 hours.  Then, when he came back on Thursday, he discovered that the water still wasn’t dried out, so they had to run for another 24 hours!  Needless to say, I think that the fans helped to contribute to our sickness.

Well, I’m completely exhausted now.  Time for a nap!