How are they related?  Well, I had to mention something on here about a story that I saw while watching Glenn Beck tonight on CNN.  There was a story about a man named Shanon Whisnant, from North Carolina who purchased a bbq grill at a auction.  Inside the grill, the man found an embalmed amputated leg.  It seems the leg belonged to a gentleman named John Wood, who lost his leg in a plane crash back in 2004.  He had the leg embalmed and was keeping it in his storage unit – inside the grill.  When it ended up that he was behind on his payments for the storage unit, his belongings were auctioned off to pay for the back rent. 

The new “owner” of the leg (the man that bought the grill) started trying to charge people to come view the leg – inside the grill!!  $3.00 for adults and $1.00 for children.  Are you kidding me America?  Do people really do stuff like this? 

I wish you could have heard this hillbilly talking about it on a news clip that Glenn showed.  There ended up being a custody battle for the leg because the leg’s true owner wanted it back.  Yes, there was a custody battle for it, and the hillbilly was serious about wanting to keep the leg.  He felt that it was only right that he be able to keep it since it came with the grill that he purchased. 

On the news clip, he said (and yes it’s a direct quote – in a very hillbilly voice) “Maybe if I have it every Halloween or every month there before, maybe we can have joint custody [of it]”  As soon as I heard that, I had to write down what he said so that I wouldn’t forget it.  This dude really wanted to keep this leg part of the time.  What is wrong with people?  I can’t believe that he was being as serious about it as he was. 

You’ll be relieved to know that the leg has been returned back to Mr. Wood.  Thank God!  If something like this would have gone to court and Mr. Wood would have lost because of some weird-ass loophole in the law, I would have completely lost faith in our legal system!