For the past 2 months, I’ve been up in Detroit for work.  The thing that I really hate about being on the road is always having to decide on a place to eat.  It gets pretty old.  I hate it actually.

Well, tonight, I went to grab dinner at a place called Salad Creations.  Just a little salad shop where they make the salads fresh for you, however you want it.  As we were walking back, I noticed a Ben and Jerry’s across the street.  It called my name, so I had to answer.  I ordered a huge Cookie Cookie Sundae.  A bunch of ice cream and two chocolate cookies crumbled up in it…covered with hot caramel.  It was awesome.  And well worth the $5.50 that I spent on it.  The cool part of it was that Jill, my coworker, noticed a sign in the store that said that this franchise store was 1 of 16 non-profit franchises in the world.  100% of the proceeds from that store go to the Goodwill Foundation of Detroit.  What a great cause!  Even though $5.50 seemed a tiny bit pricey for a sundae, it didn’t seem expensive at all considering what the money was going to be used for.

As I sat there and thoroughly enjoyed my Cookie Cookie Sundae, two ladies were in line, one of them already placing her order for a small cup of ice cream.  The lady behind her (I don’t think they were together) overheard how much the ice cream was and asked “That small cup was $2.71??!  Um, I don’t think so.” and with that, she walked out of the store…and hopped into her brand new Lexus!  You’d think that she would have said that because she was short on money, but it didn’t appear that way.  Yeah, I couldn’t believe it.  What nerve rich people have sometimes.  I thought that rich people were supposed to pay ridiculous prices for small portion of food.  Isn’t that the way they roll?  Isn’t it like you’re telling the world “I know it’s not alot of food, but I don’t care!  It cost me an arm and a leg….because I can afford that!”  She was probably thinking that she could just go home and have her chef make her some ice cream instead of having to “pay” for it!  I’m hoping she didn’t know that the money at that Ben and Jerry’s all went to the Goodwill Foundation.  If she did know, then shame on her.  She can keep that $2.71….she’ll need it to buy another gallon of gas for her luxury car. 

I’m glad that I’m not rich and snooty like that.  It must hurt walking around with your nose up in the air and a stick up your rear all the time!!