I am pleased to announce that we were able to make it to a major milestone for us in this pregnancy.  We had our mid-pregnancy sonogram!  That was something that we didn’t make it to when Lori was pregnant with Logan.  We were two days shy of being able to see him on the big screen.  Well, not actually a big one; more like a little one, but it would have been big for us.

Our sonogram visit was scheduled for 9:30am on Friday.  I didn’t get much sleep the night before for a few reasons.  One being that I wasn’t used to having someone else in my bed while I’m sleeping.  That comes from being on the road so much.  The second was that I think I was overly tired.  My flight home from Detroit on Thursday night was supposed to have me arriving in Austin at 10:00pm.  However, due to weather delays in Chicago, my flight out of Nashville, TN was late leaving.  We didn’t end up arriving into Austin until a little after midnight that night.  On top of that, I had to wait for my suitcase, so that killed some more time.  I normally don’t check my bags, but since I was gone for two weeks, I really didn’t have a choice.  I could have just packed for a week and then done some laundry at a laundry mat, but who wants to do that when you’re accustomed to maid service every day in a hotel?  The hotel itself doesn’t have laundry facilities, so I chose to pack for two weeks.  The third reason I didn’t get much sleep was just the sheer anticipation of the sonogram visit.  I was like a little kid at Christmas time waiting for the night to pass just so that the opening of presents could happen as soon as possible.

So, Friday morning finally comes and we’re on our way to the doctor’s office.  We didn’t wait long and off we went to the room where the magic happens.  As we walked into the room, Lori told the nurse that we didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby while we were in the office.  Lori made a card that she wanted the nurse to put a checkmark in next to the gender of the baby.  The card on the inside read simply “It’s a…” on the top part of the inner portion of the card and on the bottom part, there were two big checkboxes…one next to “Boy” and the other next to “Girl”.  We told the nurse that we wanted to take the card to Logan’s gravesite and find out the sex while we were with Logan…as a family.  She didn’t mind at all and thought that it was a very sweet idea.

The nurse didn’t waste any time getting down to business.  Before we knew it, Lori was up on the table and a glimpse at our newest baby started to become visible on the screen.  There was he was.  Of course, at this point, we didn’t know that it was a “he”, but we were still just as amazed by what we were looking at.  I got onto Lori for slipping up this weekend by calling him “it”, so I won’t do that any more either. 

Finally, we had a chance to see our baby moving around.  And boy did he move a lot!  He wouldn’t sit still hardly at all.  The nurse even commented on how much he was moving.  If that’s any indicator of how active he’s going to be once he’s born, then we’re definitely going to have to get him involved in some sort of sports.  Otherwise, we’re going to have our hands full.  I’m sure that we’ll have our hands full regardless, but you know what I mean.

You know, sonogram technology amazes me!  I can’t believe that we’re able to see what we can using those machines.  The nurse was able to do all kinds of measurements.  She pointed out the major organs – the heart, liver, kidneys, etc.  She used the measurement of his leg bone to determine how long he is.  She was even able to look at his nose and mouth to see if he had a cleft pallet, which he didn’t.  What was even more amazing to us was that the machine that she was using has color Doppler on it which enables them to see the blood flow in and out through the umbilical cord.  It was blue in one direction and red in the other.  Oh yeah, and she also tried to get some 3D/4D pictures of him.  They didn’t turn out too well though.  He was moving way too much plus to accommodate a good portrait.  Hopefully next time, we’ll be able to get some good 3D pictures. 

The sonogram lasted close to 30 minutes.  We got to see quite a bit.  He was tossing and turning.  At one point, he was on his back and started kicking himself in the head with his little feet.  We even got to see him reach up with his left hand and grab his left foot.  It was the coolest thing to see! 

Once we got to the end of the sonogram, the nurse told us that she was going to look for the money shot so we needed to not look at the monitor.  We both turned our heads and told her to go for it, but not before Lori scolded me and said “Eric, don’t look!”  I wasn’t looking though.  I don’t know what she was tripping out about.  I wanted it to be a surprise just as much as she did.  About a minute later, she told us that she was done.  She printed off a picture of “the shot”, placed a checkmark in the appropriate box in the card that Lori made and placed the picture in the card.  She sealed it up and handed it to us. 

We paid for the visit at the front desk and headed out to the grave site.  I think the anticipation was killing both of us.  We got to the cemetery and made our way to Logan’s site.  Standing over his headstone, we both kinda paused and I hesitated opening the card.  All along I had been telling Lori that we were going to be having a girl.  She insisted on a boy.  With Logan, I was the one that guessed the sex correctly, so I just assumed that I would be right again!  Lori told me “OK Sweetie, open the card.”  I paused a little more and then opened the card.  I removed the card from it’s envelope that was labeled with three lower-case stickers spelling out “elf” (the nickname for our baby – Eric Lori Ferguson).  I nervously waited a little longer before finally opening the card.  Much to my surprise, and I think Lori’s too, there was a checkmark next to the word “Boy”.  I couldn’t believe it.  Another boy!  Even though it wasn’t the girl that I thought he would be, I was elated.  Right away, we both started crying.  Lori said tearfully “But he’s not replacing Logan, right?” and of course I said “No way.  I never thought that this baby would.  He’s our second son….not Logan’s replacement.” 

We both held each other and cried some more.  In a way, it was kind of fitting that this one be a boy since we have the same due date as Logan.  I’m glad that this one is going to be a boy.  It’s always good to have an older brother around whether the subsequent siblings are boys or girls.  And I’m glad that it was a boy so that I could prove my best friend Chris wrong.  When he had his son seven years ago, he said that I was probably going to be doomed to having all girls.  In fact, he said that knowing my luck, I was going to have triplet girls for my first go at kids.  Well, the triplets have been proven wrong (at least for the time being).  And now, the girl part of it is wrong. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against having a girl.  In fact, I hope that our next child is a girl.  And yes, like Lori says, I’m sure that I’ll be talked into playing tea party and dress-up with our daughter if we end up having one.  Isn’t that part of molding a “daddy’s little girl”?  But since we’re having a boy, bring on the Tonka trucks!!  I can’t wait!!  Tonka trucks, race cars, fishing, GI Joe’s….it’s gonna be good times.  Um, that is of course, for him….not me.  LOL.

At any rate, I’m excited for a healthy baby.  The nurse said that everything looked good, from what she could tell.  Lori’s doctor couldn’t keep the appointment that we had scheduled for that morning because of a C-section that he was called to do.  So, Lori will be visiting with him I think on Monday or Tuesday.  I guess he’ll go over the sonogram with Lori to let her know if he sees anything that we need to be concerned about.  For now though, we’re excited. 

This coming Thursday is Logan’s 1st birthday.  I can’t believe that it’s been one year since we lost our precious first son.  It seems like so long ago, but at the same time, it seems like it just happened yesterday.  And now here we are, pregnant again, with the same due date.  This week is going to be tough on both of us, but especially for Lori.  She’s been thinking about it constantly.  I’m sure that she’s worried that we won’t make it past Thursday since we didn’t with Logan.  But, I have absolute faith that God will deliver this baby to us.  This time around, there are none of the small signs from the last pregnancy that pointed to the possibility of miscarriage.  Everything this time has been going very smoothly.  So, we’ll just pray that everything goes well.

Nineteen weeks down, 20-ish more to go.  We’re at the halfway point and I’m sure that this last half will fly by before we know it.  Well, maybe not for Lori.  I suppose once the baby gets bigger and it’s harder to move around, each day will seem like an eternity to her.  I’ll do my best to make it easy on her though.  That’s what husbands are for.  I love her more than anything in this world and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her relaxed as she carries around our child.  It’s the least I can do. 

I’m going to try to get some good screenshots of the sonogram and post them up here this week.  Until then, here are a couple pictures that we have.  One has two shots of him on his back.  The other is the money shot.  In that picture, imagine that he’s laying on his back with his legs up in the air like you’re changing his diaper.  His head would be to the left of the picture and his butt to the right.  He’s boyhood is right under the arrow, pointing to the left.  Without a doubt, he’s a boy!  And we can’t wait to hold him alive in our arms!!  (I know that some day he’s going to be embarassed that we displayed his assets on the internet….but oh well.  I’m his dad.  I can do that.)