Finally, it’s here.  My last trip that I have to make for a while.  I’m on my way back up to Detroit for my final week on this phase of the project.  When this travel stint started 10 weeks ago, it seemed like it was going to take forever for these trips to go by.  But, of course, they’ve flown by. 

This past weekend, Lori and I went to Dallas for a family reunion on her step-dad’s side of the family.  They try to get together every year in October.  It was good seeing everyone again.  Things were pretty different for me and Lori though.  At last year’s reunion, Lori was pregnant with Logan.  In fact, we lost Logan on the Wednesday immediately after last year’s reunion.  Last year, we had a feeling that something was wrong.  While we were traveling last year, I found out that Lori had been bleeding quite a bit and had been having cramps.  That was one of the indicators of what was to come days later, but we didn’t know the severity of it at the time.  And we surely didn’t expect that we would be losing that baby. 

This year, things were different.  Well, Lori is pregnant again, so that is the same.  But, with this pregnancy, we haven’t had any indicators at all of a miscarriage.  I’m very thankful for that.  It was easier to relax this time around.  So, the reunion went well and now I’m embarking on my last trip as part of the Implementation Team at my company.  I’ll finally be able to spend some quality time with my wife and family. 

I think we were able to come up with a name for our son this weekend.  It’s funny how hard this name has been to come up with.  With Logan, the name came to us without any trouble.  With this pregnancy, we haven’t been able to agree on anything.  And we only need to come up with a first name because we are going to be keeping the middle name the same as Logan’s.  So, the name that we will probably be sticking with is Corban Matthew.  We’re not sure how we’re going to spell Corban yet, but we are leaning toward the “-an” at the end because Logan’s name has an “-an” at the end.  But, that’s not to say that we won’t change it to Corbin.  We’ll see how it sits with us.  For now though, Corban Matthew is the top name on our list.  Well, it’s really the only name.  So what does everyone think?  I’m curious to see what our friends and family think of that name.  We mentioned this name at the reunion this weekend and everyone loved it.  I think it’s started to stick on me too.  I’m excited that we can start to get to know our little Elf by his actual name.  I know that some people are secretive when it comes to the name of their baby before he/she is born, but not us.  We want the world to know.  That way, if anyone wants to get anything monogrammed, they can.  Just kidding.  But, I think it’s cool to know the name of the baby before their born. But that’s just the way we think.

The other cool happening of this weekend was a purchase that we made for our Nintendo Wii.  Guitar Hero III came out today and we had a copy preordered at Best Buy.  We picked it up this morning and before I left the hotel, I got some practice in and I love it!  I’ve played the game before, but not very much.  But, I love it!  What an awesome concept for a game.  It can make anyone feel like a total rock star without actually knowing how to play guitar.  I’m looking forward to getting in some good practice time before the baby arrives.  Lori is too.  We’ll see who the real rock star ends up being. 

That’s all I have for now.  I’m looking forward to being able to do some things in Austin finally that my travel time is ending.  One more week is all I have to get through.  I’m sure it’ll fly by fast.