It’s been a while since either one of us has posted anything. So, here’s a recap of what’s going on in our world. Thanksgiving went well. Although, it wasn’t what we originally planned. We were supposed to do Thanksgiving with Lori’s cousin in Baton Rouge, but at the last minute we ended up deciding not to go. So, it was the 4 of us here at home. Me, Lori, Penny (our dog) and of course Corban. We made an awesome meal, but we cheated just a little bit. And we will do it again. We got a precooked cajun spiced turkey from the grocery store. We heated it up in the oven for a little over 2 hours and it was AWESOME! Incredibly juicy, very easy to cook, no complaints at all. And it was hassle free. Heck yeah we’ll do that again! And Lori’s pumpkin pie was picture perfect (as always). Here are a couple pictures from our meal. Yes, I took pictures. I’m weird like that. In case you’re wondering what the 2 round things are next to the cranberry sauce, they’re premade sweet potatoes. Yes we cheated on that as well, but again, they were great! The only complaint that we had was about the cornbread dressing. It was Pepperidge Farm, and it turned out not so good. It was still edible, but not the best that either one of us has had. Not even close.




Lori has some good news to announce. Yesterday she got another job at Dell that will last her for the rest of the pregnancy, making pretty good money too! We’re both excited about that. I think we’re going to use some of that money to invest in a really nice digital SLR Nikon for Lori. She wants to get a photography business started. She would do engagement, family, graduation, etc type photos. She really good at what she does. Plus her awesome personality will lend well to good word of mouth. Me, being the nerd that I am, I’m trying to create a database for her to use and also a website to host her business. I think this would be a great opportunity for Lori. Should be a relatively easy job, especially because she loves doing it. And the hours would be set by her. So, we’ll see how it goes.

This past Sunday, Lori started her 25th week! I can’t believe she’s that far along already.  We took her 6 month pregnancy picture. I think it’s a great one.  Before we know it, Corban will be with us and our lives will never be the same. Well, they’re already not the same because of losing Logan, but you know what I mean. Here’s that picture of Lori that I’m talking about.

Lori 6 months

Lori has an appointment on Friday with her doc. This is just a routine checkup. Her one after that (at 28 weeks) is going to be the “fun” one. And “fun” has different meanings for this visit. The good part is that we’ll be doing another ultrasound….3D/4D this time. I’m pumped about that one. I can’t wait. The bad part is that Lori has to have a lot of bloodwork done and she also has to get a Rhogam shot. That’s because she has O negative blood and I have A positive. Our blood can’t mix, so to take care of that, they have to give her this shot at 28 weeks and then again when the baby’s born. Fun times for Lori. It shouldn’t be too bad though. The joy of seeing Corban in 3D should take away from the not so fun part of the visit.

One more exciting thing to add. I finally had a chance to really feel Corban kicking. It as Thanksgiving day. Lori said that he had been kicking pretty hard, so I held my hand to her stomach. Low and behold, I felt a little “thump” inside her stomach. It was awesome!! I finally got to feel my son moving. Actually, I felt him move a few days before that, but it was very very subtle. This was a full-on attack style kick from the inside! I love it!