I just got home from going to the doctor with Lori today. Everything went well. There really wasn’t much to do at this visit anyway. He did note that she had finally started gaining weight.  But, he wants to monitor her to make sure that she doesn’t gain too much. Also, when he measured her uterus, it had grown 5 cm since the last visit 3 weeks ago. He seemed to think that was more than he expected, but still, nothing to worry about at this time. He did say that he would monitor that as well. If it seemed like her uterus was growing too much, then he would want to do another ultrasound to check on the weight of the baby. Not only is Corban quite the kicker and mover, but who knows, he may be a big boy in there. We’ll have to see how this goes.

Her next appointment is scheduled for December 21st – right before Christmas. At that visit, she’s going to have her glucose levels checked to make sure that she doesn’t have gestational diabetes. She’ll also be getting her rhoGAM shot which she needs because I have A+ blood and she has A-. I think in one of my previous posts, I said that she had O-, but if I did, I was wrong. Anyway, Lori is Rh-negative which means that her blood cells don’t have a certain protein on the surface of them. What exactly that means or does, I don’t know. I’m not a doctor. But, I do know that if Corban is Rh-positive (like me) then Lori’s immune system will recognize his blood as foreign and try to fight it off his blood cells. This could lead to problems like anemia, heart problems, etc. Fortunately, it sounds worse than it really is because by getting that RhoGAM shot (once at 28 weeks and then again after delivery if Corban ends up being Rh-positive), then everything will be fine. The shot will prevent (or trick) Lori’s immune system into not going into that defensive mode. So that shot will be part of her next visit. And let me tell you, Lori is not looking forward to that. Anyone who knows her, knows how much she hates needles. But so far with this pregnancy and Logan’s pregnancy, she’s been dramatic about not wanting any kind of needles touching her body, but she’s always done REALLY well. That’s the strong side of her, which I love!

The ultrasound that we have scheduled is a 3D/4D ultrasound. For those who are wondering what the difference between 3D and 4D is, I think everyone knows what 3D is. A three-dimensional picture. All 4D means is that another dimension has been added to the mix – movement. So, it’s a 3D picture, but in motion. So basically a 3D movie, if you want to think of it that way. No, we won’t be wearing 3D glasses. But, how funny would that be? Both of us sitting there with the classic blue and red cardboard glasses. Corban moves or kicks and it looks like he’s coming at us. That would be pretty cool, if you ask me. But, no, we’ll just be seeing 3D pictures, not an IMAX movie or anything.

But, as we were leaving the doctor’s office today, we picked up a brochure on what they offer when they do these types of ultrasounds. First of all, insurance does not cover this one, so it would be $150 out of pocket the day of the visit. And, they really don’t offer much. 4 3D pictures that they print off for you and a 15-20 DVD. That’s it. We have been doing some looking around and for that price you can get full package deals with a bunch of photos (different sizes – kinda like getting school portraits done) and a 30 minute DVD set to music. I think that sounds like a better deal for us. So, we’re thinking about doing that instead. Plus, I think the business route does rainchecks of the baby doesn’t cooperate. I’m not sure how the doctor’s office would be about that.

So that’s it for now. Corban’s moving alot, mamma’s getting uncomfortable at night, and Penny (our dog) is starting to give me really weird looks when I talk to Lori’s tummy. She looks at me like “Dad, what the hell are you doing?! What/who are you talking to?” It’s funny to see the look on her face. I wish we could get a picture of it.

Well, I’ll post more as we get more info on things. Time to get back to work.