We finally have our registry stuff done.  We have registered 3 times.  Not because we want that much, but because we wanted people to have more options.  There may be some redundancy, but oh well.  We don’t know what all we need so we just started adding stuff.  What an overwhelming process it is.  It’s not like when we registered for our wedding.  We knew what we needed or didn’t need.  And we knew what we liked.  With this baby thing, I have no idea what all we need!  And there’s so much out there to choose from.  It’s crazy!

But, we’re done with it now.  I put the links to our registry sites over on the side menu of our blog.  And if anyone was planning on getting us anything for Christmas, make it baby stuff.  That’s all we’re worried about this Christmas.

I’m glad the registering is over now.  It was fun, but like I said, it was a little bit overwhelming.