I have a mover in my belly!  Corban is constantly kicking, rolling, punching….whatever it is he does in there.  He woke me up at 5:30 this morning he was kicking so hard.

I was at HEB on Monday waiting for Penny dog’s prescription to be ready and saw my belly move for the first time.  I was kind of laid back in the chair with my shirt stretched tight over the “bulge”.  I had a magazine propped up on there and when he started moving, I could see my belly move.  It’s amazing!!

Last night while in the bathtub, he was moving again.  I secretly think he loves it when I take a bath.  Maybe it’s because I enjoy it so much.  Anyway, I was laid back kind of floating.  When he started kicking, I could see it.  I called Eric in to observe.  As soon as Eric spoke his name, he started moving again and Eric could see it.  I think he was really excited!

That’s about it for now.  Just wanted to share the new experience.