Sunday was a special day in our household (well, apartmenthold). It was mine and Eric’s Engagement Anniversary and Penny’s Adoption Birthday.

Let me just say that I have the sweetest husband in the world! Sunday morning he jumped up out of bed to take Penny back. I got up right after they left to make up the bed, etc. Well, after almost and hour, Eric and Penny were not back yet. I started getting worried. They are never out that long unless it’s the afternoon when we take Penny to the dog park. I was just about to get dressed to go out and look for them when they walked through the door. Eric had a card and a dozen pink roses in his arms. “Happy Engagement Anniversary”, he declared. I hate to admit it, but it had kinda slipped my mind that December 16th was the day we got engaged. All I could think about was that it was Penny’s “birthday”. Plus, I’m pregnant, so I forget alot of things. Well, my worry went out the window, but I let him know about it! I didn’t know that sneaky husband of mine had taken his keys with him! I am the luckiest, most blessed wife in the world! Here are a couple of pics of the flowers:


I wasn’t the only one to receive something special on Sunday. It was Penny’s day as well. So, for her special treat, I took her to the pet store and got her a real bone. It took her a while to “warm up to it”. I think because it was frozen. But after it thawed out a little, man, she went to town. We layed a towel down on the floor and made her stay on it while she was chewing. Good thing we did, too. It looked like someone had been killed! I think she chewed for over 3 straight hours! We had to take it away from her just to get her to go outside to use the bathroom! I think that bone kicked in her wild animal instinct! We have now had Penny for one year. To us, she seems like more of a member of our family than a pet. We love her so much and can’t wait to have her around for alot more years. We have it in our minds that she is going to live forever!

Here is Penny enjoying her bone!