Last year, in October, we purchased a new couch/chaise section with money that we got when Lori sued WalMart for a slip and fall that she had earlier in the year.  We were excited because we won our case and even more excited that we were finally able to get real furniture.  We had been using a small love seat that Lori got when she was 15 years old.  So it was time to get adult furniture.

We got the couch right after we lost Logan last year.  From the get-go, we had problems with it.  The chaise portion of it would squeak when you sat on it.  We called their customer service number and they had someone come out right away and fix the problem.  He tightened some part of the frame up and the problem was fixed.  But only for a short time.  The problem came back and we had the repairman come out a couple more times.  We felt like we were nagging, but at the same time, we paid good money for this furniture and there was no reason that it should sound like it was 10 years old.  Finally, we had the guy install a brace underneath and an extra foot.  For some reason the model that we got didn’t have a foot under the middle part of the front of the chaise.  So he gladly put one in for us.

Well, a few months ago, we had them come out yet again.  While the guy was here, I mentioned to him that one of the cushions (that we normally don’t even sit on) looked alot flatter than the others.  He recommended replacing them.  It was going to be no cost to us.  He said that he would place an order for them and in a few weeks, they would come back out to replace all of the cushions.  A few weeks, even a month, goes by.  Nothing.  We called the store up and they said that they had no record of the guy ordering new cushions.  They said that they would get the order in and let us know when they came in so that they could schedule a time to come out and get them.  Well, some time went by and still nothing.  Lori ended up going up to the store a few weeks ago to physically see for herself the cushions that supposedly came in.  She saw them, and again, they said that they would have the guy call us to arrange a time to come by our place.  And as you can guess, nothing!  To make this long story shorter, Lori has been on the phone numerous times with them complaining about how long it was taking and about the poor customer service that we were getting.  She said “You know, I’m at a point now where I just feel like washing my hands of this and getting a new couch!!”  Low and behold, the manager told her that he was going to order us a new couch!  And it would have the same 1 year unconditional warranty that the original one had.  Awesome!  I can deal with bad customer service on something like this if it means getting a new couch.  We both feel that this one was a lemon to begin with.  Hopefully the new one won’t be.  If it seems like it’s going to have the same problems then I’ll see about just getting our money back or credit for a new couch.

The new couch is on order and he said that it would be 2 weeks.  They’re supposed to come out here with the new one and take the old one away.  We’ll see if they keep their word on this timeline.  If not, we’ll have to put the smackdown!