We just got back from Lori’s doctor visit.  During this visit, they did an ultrasound to see if there was anything to be concerned about with Lori measuring a few weeks ahead of schedule.  They checked her amniotic fluid levels and those checked out fine.  They also did a number of measurements for Corban and he is pretty much as right on track as you can be.  He’s about 3.5 pounds and measuring in the 49.9 percentile which is right where you want to be.  The nurse was nice and got us a good 3D picture of Corban.  So this is the first pic that we have got to see to get a sneak peak at what our son looks like.


So this is Corban at 31 weeks 1 day.  The due date is still the same, at March 16th.  Lori’s next appointment is on the 21st of this month.  It’s just another regular visit.  We’re at the point in the pregnancy now where it’s just a waiting game.  It seems at times like it’s just dragging on and on.  But I’m sure once the day arrives for him to be born, it’s going to seem like it flew by!  I’m just ready to get on with the gettin’ on.  Waiting is a drag.  But at least everything so far is going perfectly fine!  So we can’t complain.