OK. So there are some things that, when looking back, we realized weren’t blogged about. Well, one of them came to my attention through a phone call from my mom.

Eric wrote about going to Wal-Mart to buy carpet cleaner because my mom’s dog threw up on our rug. Well, what he didn’t write about was the rest of their trip. My mom & Pappy came in town 2 weekends before Christmas and brought us a terrific present. They bought the crib that we wanted. Now, it was supposed to be a Christmas present, but instead, it became a grandparents present. Thank you Mom & Pappy!!! Oh, and as an early baby gift, my brother bought the crib mattress. So thank you Uncle Boog!

Putting the crib together…….my family is crazy!

img_2498.jpg img_2501.jpg img_2502.jpg

The final product!!


While my parents were in town, we went to tour the Capital. I was excited about them coming in, because I know they like to do stuff like that. It was amazing!! I can’t believe that I have lived in Austin so long and have never went before. It was so interesting and beautiful. Eric and I will definitely be going down again to take more pictures. On Friday night, we took them to eat at Rudy’s. It was love at first bite……just like I knew it would be. For lunch on Saturday, we met my cousin Jamie and went to eat at Doc’s on South Congress. Again, another plus! I was glad that we had chosen such good places to eat. Pappy can be a little picky with his food, but I didn’t hear him complain all weekend!


We went a travelin’ for Christmas. We drove to Bossier, spent the night at mom’s, then drove to Oak Grove, LA to visit with my grandparents. Then, on to my dad’s who lives in McGehee, AR. Whew, I’m exhausted just typing all that. We spent a couple of days at my dad’s and then drove back to mom’s on Christmas Eve afternoon. We received alot of baby stuff for Christmas. I’m not going to blog about it all, because I don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt if I accidently left something out. But, we are thankful for everything that we got.

For New Year’s Day, we invited some friends (Tiffany & Jay, Bernie & Katie and Richard) over for lunch. I made a combination of traditional and non-traditional food. We, of course, had the traditional black-eyed peas and cabbage, but instead of making a ham, casseroles, etc. I made a big pot of Chicken & Dumplings. Eric took a picture of the tower-o-dumplings!


Let’s just say they were yummy and I started Jay’s year out with a bang! I think he was happier than anyone. Afterwards, we played around on the Wii and then took it outside for a few games of washers. Then, back in to play on the Wii some more. Oh, and we had banana pudding for dessert. Katie had volleyball practice so she and Bernie couldn’t stay. I sent them home with some pudding. Have to keep everyone happy!! We had a wonderful New Year’s Day. “They” say that whatever you do on New Year’s is usually what you’ll spend the rest of the year doing. Well, we were surrounded by good friends and good food…..I can handle that for the rest of the year!

Eric and Jay, competing in an Olympic game.


So, on to the present. As a pregnant woman, I am really clumsy. The other night, I was taking Penny out for her nightly walk. Well, clumsy me tripped and fell…..hard! Luckily, I realized I was going down face-first and compensated to fall on my side. Eric wanted me to go to the Dr., but I assured him that I was OK. I think he was mostly worried about Corban. But, all that amniotic fluid did it’s job! He was still moving and kicking like he always does. I took some pictures of my injuries. I can tell you that they can not express the pain I felt/still feel!! I just hope I didn’t break my toe! And, as if my knees weren’t scarred up enough!


Well, I think that about sums everything up. Well, not really. Life continues to change everyday. We went on a picnic and started Lamaze class, but we’ll save those for a later blog.