One thing that has been pretty apparent is that women become “dumber” and clumsier while they are pregnant.  Now before you get upset because I said “dumber”, know that my wife is the one that has admitted this!  Whilst being pregnant, Lori has gotten more forgetful, clumsy, and just all together “dumb” at times.  I think it’s pretty funny.  And I know that she’s not always like that.  The hormones have made her “drunk” in a sense.

Sunday night, Lori decides that she is going to make some chocolate Jello pudding.  You know, the kind that you add cold milk too and then stir for a couple minutes, put it in the fridge and waa-laa, you have pudding.  I was in the office while she started on this.  She came into the office and asked me if I would go into the kitchen and pour the milk into the mixing bowl.  She was afraid that she would spill it.  Well, the milk was already in a smaller bowl.  I looked at it and said, “Why is it in this bowl?  Why would you use a bowl as a measuring cup?”  I was confused as to what was going on.  She told me “I was going to mix the pudding in that bowl!”  At that point, I started laughing hysterically.   She used a 2 cup sized bowl as a mixing bowl – for pudding that requires 2 cups of milk!  It was completely filled and she hadn’t even put the pudding mix in it yet.  HAHAHAHA!  I couldn’t stop laughing.  She was laughing, hesitantly, as well.  I asked her “Did you really think that you would be able to use this small bowl as a mixing bowl for this pudding?”  She said “Yes.  Don’t laugh.  Sweetie, I’m pregnant, I wasn’t thinking!”  So, I carefully picked up the bowl that was filled to the rim with milk and poured it into a real mixing bowl.  But before I did that, I went and got the camera.  Instantly a blog post came to mind for this occasion.  I had to get a photo of it.


Still laughing, I went back into the office.  She was watching TV while mixing the pudding with a whisk in a bigger bowl.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see something hit the floor.  She starts fake crying out of frustration when I asked her what just happened.  She was mixing the pudding (a seemingly easy task) when all of the sudden her body spazzed out and the whisk flew out of her hand onto the floor.  Again, I couldn’t stop laughing.  And again, it was time for another photo.  Here is the mark that the whisk left on the carpet.  Of course, it wasn’t difficult to initially clean up.  That’s what dogs are for!


Man, I never thought that I would get so much enjoyment out of a pudding making experience.  It was all good though.  No feelings were hurt during the making fun of the pregnant wife.  I know she’s going through alot right now.  But, me being the smartass that I am, I have to take advantage of times like this.  It’s definitely good humor!