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Six non-important things about me:

1.  When I pee, I can’t put my feet flat on the floor.  I know, weird.  But I’ve tried to do it and I can’t.  I have to sit and then put my feet up on tipy-toes.

2.  I have no sense of time.  I will be explaining something to someone and say “Oh, a few days ago” and it was really like 3 months ago or last year.  It really irks my husband!

3.  I have an uncanny sense of direction.  You could drop me in the middle of the desert and I would still know how to get home.

4.  When I’m pregnant, I always sneeze 3 times in a row, really fast.  Only happens during pregnancy.

5.   Whenever I want to kiss my husband, I do the “mating call”.  If I want a kiss, I make 2 quick kissing sounds and it HAS to be obeyed. We both do it.  There have been times where we almost fought because the other didn’t comply. Sometimes, I’ll do it like 6 times in a row because I know it drives Eric crazy!!  Hey, he does the same to me, too!!

6.  I am OBSESSED with my dog and with taking pictures.  They kind of go hand in hand since I bet we have over 4,000 pictures of her alone!!  She is the cutest dog ever made and I know that God made her just for us!

Tagging…well, I’ll tag Cindy and Jenna and Donna