Lori had another doctor’s appointment this past Friday. The visit the Friday before that, she was dilated to 1 cm. We were hoping for some progress with this next checkup, but that didn’t happen, to our disappointment. But, I suppose everything happens in due time. Her doctor said that if she ends up going to to her due date without having the baby, then he will schedule an induction that week. That’s the week of the 16th. We’re just praying that it doesn’t go that long. We’re as ready as we can be to have this baby. I want to see him and hold him. I even want to change those nasty little diapers. Yeah, I know. I’m sure that it won’t take long before I get sick of them, but at least it means that we’ll have a baby with us. I also want to carry him around in the baby sling that Lori made for me with A&M fabric. We’re going to test it out with our neighbor’s baby today, so we’ll be sure to take pictures and I’ll post them later.

This morning Lori had 3 really strong contractions within about an hour and a half, if that long. She said that they were the most painful ones so far. One of them was while she was walking Penny and she said that it took her breath away. I’m hoping that this is a sign that we’re close to having her go into labor. I’m definitely having to use quite a bit of patience with this. I’ve never wanted anything so bad before in my life, and it seems like this part of the pregnancy is taking forever!

Well, I started writing this post earlier today.  And now, I’ve thought about it some and I told Lori that I was not going to rush the issue so much anymore.  I’m just going to leave it up to God to send Corban into our world when he’s ready to.  I’m not going to get upset about how long it’s taking.  When it’s time, it’ll happen.  Maybe I need to be thankful that my life is fairly uninterrupted right now.  We can pretty much do what we want as long as we’re back in time to take Penny out.  Life is fairly easy for us.  And it won’t be so much once Corban is born.  I’m going to relish the non-kiddo time while I can because life will never ever be like this again.  Besides, we’re waiting on the glider and ottoman that my mom got for us to arrive.  That’s the thing that Lori has been wanting since the first time that she was pregnant.  So, that’s going to be an essential item for us once we come home from the hospital.  It’s supposed to be here any time between Tuesday and Thursday of next week.  Maybe Corban’s arrival will coincide with the chair’s.  That’s probably how it’s going to happen.  We’ll be at the hospital and the UPS guy will be wondering where I’m at.  I’ve been here for almost all of his deliveries.  We’re like old friends now.  LOL.  The time before last that he was delivering something, I had just dried off from taking a shower.  I heard the knock and knew that we were expecting two boxes.  I didn’t want to have to go over to the apartment complex office to get them, so I said what the hell and answered the door with only a towel on.  I know ladies, keep your tongues in your mouth.  I can be a sexy beast when I want to.  But, to the UPS guy, not so much.  I apologized to him when I opened the door.  I’m sure he’s probably seen way worse.  Besides, we’re like old friends now.  He dropped the boxes off, I didn’t have to sign for them, it was all good.  And…I didn’t have to drive to the office to pick them up.  I’m sure he’ll be happy when he doesn’t have to keep coming back to our place with gifts.  And we’ll be happy to keep empty boxes out of our apartment.  It’s been a constant state of looking barely moved in lately.

So we’re just in a holding pattern now.  We’ve got our bags packed ready to go.  When Corban is ready to make his entrance, I hope that it’s a quick one.  For my sake and Lori’s.  We have another appointment on Friday – we’ll see if there’s been any progress.  If not, then that’s just more “us” time that we have, right?

18 more days on the pregnancy calendar.  Crazy!