Well, the wait is almost over.  We had another doctor’s visit this morning.  Lori has progressed a little bit which is good.  She’s now at 2+ cm and about 50% effaced.  The one concern that we had was that she would have Corban while her doctor was out of town for vacation (the week of March 10th).  Lori joked this morning and asked about getting induced sometime next week.  He said that it was definitely a possibility with the progress that she’s made and that he would have to check on it.  He said that they seemed to be pretty booked up in Labor and Delivery.  He left the exam room and went to check on that for us.  When he came back in he said “Go buy a lottery ticket, it’s your lucky day.  We have one slot next week that just opened up because a girl was scheduled and went into labor this morning.”  So, he’s got us scheduled for a Friday delivery.  Lori goes in Thursday night to get the Cervodil inserted to thin her uterus out the rest of the way.  Then early Friday morning, they’ll start giving her Petocin to get the contractions and labor going.  Hopefully some time early Friday we’ll have a little baby with us!

When he came in with that good news, I wanted to start jumping up and down.  I wonder if he could see the excitement on my face.  I was trying pretty hard to hide it so that I didn’t look like a dork.  Now that I think about it, I probably could have hugged him too, I was that excited.  We’ve been waiting so long for this and now it’s finally about to happen.  One day before Lori’s birthday Corban will be here.  That is, unless he decides to do this on his schedule and come earlier than that.  That is definitely a possibility at this point in the pregnancy.  We’ll just let God take it in his hands and we’ll see Corban when we see him.

Of course I’m taking my laptop up to the hospital with me so I’ll be sure to send an email and/or blog with pictures just as soon as I get a chance.  So everyone keep us in your prayers or thoughts or whatever you can do positive for us as we go through this next week.  We’ve got some last minute things to take care of which will keep us busy this weekend. We’re also going to sleep in since it’s the only time that we’ll ever have to do that for a very long time!

Not too much longer now!