Lori and I have decided after all not to do the induction this coming Friday.  We did some thinking about it last night.  First of all, there’s no medical reason for us to induce early.  Secondly, the pitocin that they give you makes the contractions really hard, really long and really painful with very little break in between each one.  With Lori being serious about wanting to do this naturally, that’s just one thing that might stand in her way.  Besides, the word “naturally” really wouldn’t be truthful if she had to have drugs to start the contractions.  Also, use of pitocin is associated with the dropping of fetal heartrate.  After having lost Logan, I think if we can minimize any sort of risk with Corban’s delievery, we’ll be better off and feel better about it.  So our decision is to let God send Corban on his way when He is ready.  I know that we’ve already told  everyone we know that we were going to deliver this Friday, but we both just feel better about not doing it before it’s time.  And who knows, she may still deliver this week.  She’s made good progress since last week, so you never know.
At the end of the day, we feel much better about letting nature take its course on this one.  Minimimzing risk is a good thing.  We just want Corban to enter the world as healthy as he can be and as safely as he can.  And it feels like both of those will be better accomodated when he’s ready to be born.

We’ll be sure to update when we start making more progress.