Lori’s last regular prenatal visit with her doctor was sort of a disappointing one.  She has made no progress since her last visit.  And it seems as though we’re no closer to having the baby than we were before.  Her contractions haven’t ramped up or anything.  Although, she says that he has been moving around alot.  With it being pretty cramped in there now, that makes for some painful moving – according to Lori.

Her doctor is on vacation now for the week.  Lori has a regular visit scheduled for this coming Friday.  It’ll be with one of the other doctors in the office.  That is, if she doesn’t have Corban by then.  And, if next weekend passes and still no baby, then they are going to induce.  She has an induction scheduled for the 19th.  That means that she will go in the evening of the 18th.  Hopefully, we won’t get to that point.  I would really like to see her do this on her own.  I only hope that Corban feels the same way.  So now we do have a definite date that we’ll see him by though.  The 19th at the latest, but we’ll be ready for him any time before then.

At least he wasn’t born yesterday on Lori’s birthday.  When she found out what his due date was last year, she said that the one day that she absolutely did not want him born on was on the 8th of March, which is her birthday.  She wanted him to have his own special day and not have to share it with her.  I agree.  Now that day has come and passed.  Corban – you are free to make your entrance into the world at any time now!  We’re ready.  If you don’t hurry up, you may not be able to use all your newborn clothes and diapers.  Mommy and Daddy would not be happy campers.  Well, we’ll be happy that he’s here, but you know what I mean.