Today may be our last day as a family of three (including our dog Penny), or it may be that yesterday was.  There’s a chance Lori may start going into labor today on her own.  She’s had a few signs that it might progress without medical intervention, but we’re not getting our hopes up for that.  If’n it doesn’t happen on its own, then tonight at 6:00pm, we’re scheduled to go to Labor and Delivery.  They’ll check her cervix to see what kind of progress she’s made.  If she has progressed enough on her own, then there’s a chance that they’ll break her water tonight.  If not, then they’ll put cervodil on her cervix to finish softening it for her.  We’re hoping for the first option.  The less intervention, the better.

If there has been no delivery or start of labor tonight, then first thing tomorrow morning is when it will really begin.  They’re scheduled to come in at 7:00am and break her water.  Again, we’re hoping that it will be enough to kick her labor into action without having to have pitocin start the contractions for her.  But, if pitocin is something that they have to use, then we’ll just ask for a small dose.  Like I said, we’re rooting for the less-intervened route.  Lori really wants to do this naturally, without any pain medication.  She’s not against it if it is absolutely necessary, but it’s definitely going to be something that is used as a last resort.

So this is it.  We’re finally here.  She’s officially 10 months pregnant as of this past Sunday.  Neither one of us thought that she would go this long.  But, at least this way, she’ll know that her doctor (who was on vacation last week) will be the one delivering her baby.  I guess Corban was holding out for him.

Oh, one cool thing to mention, that my mother-in-law brought to our attention.  We found out that Corban (spelled with ‘an’) is a Greek word meaning “a gift devoted to God”.  And we found out that Matthew (his middle name) means “a gift from God”.  We didn’t realize that when we picked the names.  Pretty cool how they both have that similar meaning.  Looks like the names were just mean to be used together.  Corban truly is a gift from God that we will make sure devotes his life to God.  That’s a promise that Lori made to God, if she was able to get pregnant and have another baby.

Man, I can’t wait to see him and hold him.  It’ll be today or tomorrow.  Craziness I tell you!  I dreamt about it all night long last night.  I’m ready for this!  Let’s get the sleepless nights behind us!!