So we’re parents to a live baby now. It still doesn’t seem like it. At least not to me. Lori is feeding him at least every 2 or 3 hours and sometimes even more frequently than that. We think that he’s going through a growth spurt right now, so he’s hungry like nobody’s business! Since I can’t do any of the feeding right now (my boobs are empty), Lori is stuck doing that part of the parenting job. The most that I can do is help out with the diaper changes and sponge baths as well as watching Corban while Lori tries to get a little bit of sleep.

We think that Corban’s jaundice is just about gone now. When we brought him home from the hospital on the 21st, he had quite a bit of jaundice. He was borderline having to stay in the hospital for another day, but they let us bring him home with the promise that we’d take him to the after hours pediatrician the very next day (which was a Saturday). Poor guy was pretty yellow. He looked like someone covered his face with a bottle of self tanner. The whites of his eyes were pretty yellow as well. For those that don’t know what jaundice is, I’ll spare you the explanation (which I do know by heart now) and simply give you a link a site online. Click here for an explanation. Corban had his blood drawn that Saturday morning. They called us later on that morning to tell us that the counts were higher and that we needed to bring him back in to check once again on Sunday morning. We did that, but this time, his counts went down slightly and he had gained some weight, both of which were good signs. Now he no longer looks yellow, he’s been feeding like a champ, so we’re pretty confident that he’s beat the jaundice thing. That’s my boy!

Today was a momentous (sort of) occasion for us and Corban. His umbilical cord stump fell off and revealed a cute little belly button. I’m glad because that thing was starting to stink. Not to mention, it looked gross too, with a black piece of dead tissue attached to his little stomach. It’s gone now and he looks even more handsome than usual.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week and a half since he was born. He’s has changed tremendously since then too. He’s just about walking and he’s already starting to say “da-da”. Ok, so that’s not really true, but he has made progress. He’s starting to track things with his eyes and is very alert and somewhat aware of his surroundings. I don’t think that he recognizes things yet, but I’m sure that he will be before we know it. He’s also starting to lift his head up more than I thought a newborn would. I could have him laying on my chest with his head laid down to one side and he’ll start yawning, life his head up in the air and turn it the other way. Maybe all kids do that at this point, but to me, it’s great progress.

Now let’s talk about some parenting lessons that we’ve learned thus far.

Parenting Lesson #1: If you hear the baby poop, don’t rush to change the diaper.
Let me explain why. Lori’s mom and step-dad were here visiting. Lori handed Corban off to her step-dad and right away, we heard a liquid poop/fart sound. It sounded pretty bad. Fearing the worst, we whisked him away to the changing area and quickly started to change his blowout. No sooner did Lori get the diaper off of him, and we heard it, a fart and then projectile poop shot out and almost hit Lori in the arm. I know it’s gross to talk about, but it’s part of being a parent. But, it doesn’t end there with this diaper change. On to the next lesson.

Parenting Lesson #2: If a diaper was just messed in, give it some time, because pee is probably just around the corner.
While changing that diaper and trying to contain our laughter after being shot at, we failed to realize that he still had to pee. He started spraying all over the place. He got himself more than anything. Time for a new diaper, time for a new changing pad paper, time for a new onesie. This lesson might not have been that bad if we had remembered another lesson that we’ve learned.

Parenting Lesson #3: When changing a diaper, place a cover on the crotch, lest you get sprayed.
I think this one explains itself.

Parenting Lesson #4: When the baby cries for more milk, he wants it NOW!
So Corban will wake up and start crying a little. Not so bad at first. But, if you don’t get him to Mommy right away, he kicks the crying up considerably. It sounds like he’s being tortured. Kinda freaks me out some times. I’m expecting Child Protective Services to come banging on our door. But, once he gets what he’s crying for, he’s good.

I’m sure there are going to be many more lessons that we’ll learn on our journey as parents. When they say that parenting is a tough job, they weren’t lying. But, it’s not impossible. And I know that the rewards are going to far outweigh the difficulties that lie ahead.

Anyone out there have any good advice to share?