Just because everyone keeps asking for more pictures, I’ll go ahead and put some more up. With the exception of one or two, you’ll see a common theme here. Sleeping Corban. Of course, at less than 2 weeks old, who would expect any more from a baby than to sleep. Actually, it’s called napping, but you get the point.

I’ll start with the one that I call the Diaper Bandit. That’s me. Corban had a pretty bad blowout, and I thought that taking a baby blanket and covering my face would make it easier to contend with. I know that breastfed baby’s don’t really have bad smelling poo, but it doesn’t hurt to err on the side of caution!


This next one starts the Sleeping Series. This is what Mommy did to Corban’s hair while he was asleep. He’ll find the humor in it some day. We got a good laugh.


And the rest are pics of Corban whilst he got his beauty rest.

Here’s one where he’s asleep on Daddy’s chest.  He knew my chest would be so comfortable!


Here he is asleep in Mimi’s (Lori’s mom) arms.  He seemed to love falling asleep in her arms while she was here visiting after he was born.


Penny liks taking naps with Corban too.  Corban fell asleep with Mommy and Penny decided to follow suit.


Hopefully soon, we’ll be able to take more pictures of him while he’s awake. For now, he does what he does best – cries (for food or a diaper change), eats (all the time if you ask Mommy), poops (after every feeding it seems like) and sleeps (not all night yet).

It’s been a little stressful because of the lack of sleep on Lori’s part, but we’ll make it through. We’re just happy to have Corban in our lives.