Random thought for the day:
“I can pull them off and on…..Mommy wow!…I’m a big kid now!”
What were those damn things called? Pull-Ups? If you’re a kid and you’re wearing a diaper, do you really want to be able to take it off and on?? If you mess in it, and take it off….it should stay off! Don’t pull it back up! What are we teaching our kids these days? I guess maybe it’s like a little kids’ version of Depends. Or Ooops I Crapped My Pants even. Man, I didn’t expect to think this much about it. I hate it when you get a weird thought in your head. And I’m sharing it? I think I really need some sleep. Lack of sleep is really starting to affect me. Either that or the fact that we’re going through diapers like crazy around here. Or, the daily screaming fits that our kid seems to do are starting to make me wish that he was already using Pull-Ups. hehe. It’s all good though. I digress now. Time for bed.