For the past two weeks, we have been out of town. I had to go to Minnesota for work the week before last. Before I flew out, we drove to Shreveport so that Lori could stay with the baby and the dog at her mom’s house while I was gone. I was gone for a full week. I got back on a Saturday morning and on Sunday, a good friend of the family’s passed away. He and his wife adopted me and Lori (and her brother) as their grandkids. They never had children of their own and since Lori’s mom and stepdad have been friends with them for so long (about 18 years), they became their adopted children. His funeral was last Wednesday so we stayed in town for that. We decided to extend our stay through to the weekend, giving Lori’s mom and stepdad more time with their grandson.

Corban for the most part was on his best behavior. His crying hadn’t been too terribly bad. Then once we got him home to Austin, it started up pretty bad. Yesterday he was cranky and gassy all day long. It sucks having to listen to him cry so much and not be able to do much about it. We’ve got a bunch of things that we try to soothe and passify him. They include holding him like a football, bouncing him up and down, laying him on his back and “doing his legs” which involves bending and extending his legs whilst singing a song that we made up for it (no I will not sing it for you), singing other songs like “Patty Cake” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, and then anything else that seems like it might work. Some work sometimes, others work other times, some don’t work at all.

Last night and today so far have been much better. He’s taking a nap right now which is good. I think yesterday may have been a direct result of something that Lori ate. So we’re going to start keeping a food journal to see if we can find any cause/effect stuff going on.

He’s been making really good progress with his bobble-headedness. Today while Lori was burping him, he started holding his head up by himself for a long time. It was funny watching him because you could tell that he was concentrating on holding his head up.  He would get a serious look on his face and his head would wobble a tiny bit and then stabilize.  At the pace that he’s going with progressing on stuff like this, he’ll be teaching himself how to ride a bike in a couple months!  That’s my boy!!

I got some pictures of him holding his head up today.  Here they are.

(Yes, he is a Scottish baby – hence the reddish colored hair. And yes, he does have the biggest blue eyes ever!)

And Lori took a cool picture of our wedding rings on his big toe while he was asleep. I think it turned out really nice.