Yesterday, we concluded our search for a new place to live. The lease on our apartment is up on June 16th. Since we vowed that this would be the last time that we lived in an apartment, we have been working for over a month now trying to find a house to live in.

My brother’s girlfriend’s best friend’s husband (did you follow that?) is a realtor, so he was recommended to us. We couldn’t ask for a better guy to help us in our search. Well, actually, we did most of the searching, but he was there with great expert advice. And, he was the one that could get us access to the houses that we wanted to look at. Any time that we wanted to look at a house, he would make time for us, set up the appointments and meet us where ever we wanted to look.

We’ve probably looked at more than a dozen homes that were, at one point, possibilities. Older homes, newer homes, all kinds of homes. We did have some restrictions though, with just one income, so our choices were somewhat limited.

A few weeks ago, we looked at a house that just got done being built. It was going for a very reasonable price, but we wanted to home builder to pay for our closing costs (we had no down payment or closing costs. Luckily, we’re doing a VA loan, so we have more options). We offered them their asking price but wanted the closing costs to be part of that. They didn’t go for it. We went back to looking.

It was getting frustrating because we would plug numbers into a spreadsheet that I made for our expenses, and even though I make pretty good money, it didn’t seem like we could afford anything. And we don’t have very many bills either. But, the numbers just kept coming up short. Well, a couple days ago, I had a huge realization. I was looking at one of my paystubs and noticed the amount of Federal taxes that were being taken out of each of my paychecks. It was alot! I talked to HR and found out that I was still claiming single with only 1 exemption. That would explain why I got a gigantic refund check a couple months ago. So, to make a long story short, by making an adjustment to my exemptions, we were now able to afford that house that we put the offer on a few weeks ago.

We still did some looking at other houses, but this one just ended up being the best deal for us, for a starter home. Late Friday afternoon, we got a call from our realtor and he told us that our offer had been accepted! We’ll be closing at the end of the month on our first home! We can’t wait!!! I can’t wait to be done with apartments. I can’t wait to not have inconsiderate neighbors above us stomping on the floor at all hours of the night. I can’t wait to have a yard. Heck, I can’t wait to mow grass (wow, I really said that).

However, we’re not going to be in Austin proper. Our new home is in a new development in Hutto, which is on the outskirts of Austin. With it being an up and coming area, we’re hoping that when we go to sell our house in 4 or 5 years, we’ll get a decent profit from it.

Once we get settled in, we’ll definitely have to have a house warming party! I’ve never had a real house warming party before. Sounds exciting if you ask me.

We’ll have to have movers move us again like we did when we moved into this apartment. That was, by far, one of the best decisions that we have ever made. And it’ll be an even better decision now that we have a baby. Speaking of Corban, in case you were wondering, yes, he still is the cutest kid in the world. He gets cuter by the day.

Mommy snapped a picture of us while we were napping today. Too bad my mouth wasn’t hanging open like his. Then we’d really look like father and son.  (By the way, that’s a blanket that I had him swaddled in, now a weird green polka dotted outfit.)

So we’re still trying to get on a good schedule with everything. With looking at houses, being sleep deprived and other things that seem to get in the way of what seems like very short days, we haven’t really been able to establish a good schedule yet. But, we’re trying to keep with a regular bath and bed time with Corban. I know that it’s going to be crucial for us to do that. It’s all a huge learning experience anyway, so I guess we’ll learn as we go.

Now I’m off to enjoy a glass of wine and relish in the fact that I’ve just completed a good part of my major “Life’s To Do List” items. I’m married, I have a dog, two sons (even though Logan is not with us anymore) and now a new house. I’ve got a good paying job that allows me to work from home. It really doesn’t get much better. And my wife loves me more than I could ever expect. Life is good right now. Tired, but good!