So Corban has been making progress with everything lately.  The most noticeable thing is how he interacts with us.  His cooing and noise making has become more and more deliberate.  Some times you could swear that he says something.  I know he’s not really saying words, but I guess it’s like watching the clouds going by and seeing shapes or animals in them.

His baby talk seems to be the best when I talk to him.  He’s been “talking” to Lori and her mom and stepdad too, but he does it the most when I sit and talk to him.

Here’s some video we did this morning right before his Mimi and Pop (Lori’s mom and stepdad) left to go back to Louisiana.  They were here for the weekend helping us get moved in to our new house.  Man, what a tremendous help they were too.  Lori’s stepdad helped me install the garage door opener – which took all day long yesterday.  I’m proud to say that it works like a charm though!!  He also helped me drop a cable line into my office.  Lori’s mom helped with a ton of unpacking and watching the baby.  I don’t think the move would have gone as smooth as it did if they hadn’t have been here.  We are so thankful for their help.

Back to the video.  Here you go, if you’re intersted in listening to it.