You always hear people say to cherish the moments you have with a baby because they grow up so fast.  I knew there would be some truth to that.  I just never realized how much.  The other day I was looking at some pictures of Corban when we first brought him home.  Man was he tiny!  I think he’s put on close to 4 inches in the past 3 months.  Three months old!  That’s crazy.  I can’t get over how fast the time is going by.  And I know that it’s just going to keep getting faster and faster. 

Here is some of the new stuff going on in Corban’s world.  First of all, he’s discovered his feet.  Not only that, but he’s disovered that he can grab them.  His little hands are finally starting to open up more – instead of staying in the fists that they have been, like he’s ready to box or something.  A few days ago, he had his legs up in the air and I took one of his hands and pulled it towards one of his feet.  I held it there until he grabbed it.  He held onto it for a little bit.  That was all I did that day with regards to the feet grabbing lesson.  The next day, early in the morning, he was wide awake and started grabbing at his feet.  Before we knew it, he had a hold of both of them.  And he seemed pretty excited about it!  Before now, his feet were just things that moved up and down, seemingly on their own.  I don’t even think he knew that they were there.  If he did, he sure as hell didn’t know how to grab them.  Well, he does now. 

The feet grabbing has just initiated the grabbing of things in general.  We have a play mat that he lays down on that has things hanging all around it for him to grab at.  Up until now, he really didn’t care too much for it.  Now he has learned that he can grab the monkey hanging above him and even start to pull it into his mouth.  I don’t know much about babies, but I do know that the mouth is the target for all things to be discovered.  Soon, his feet will be in there.  And once he starts crawling around, I’m sure that just about every other item he comes in contact with will make its way to his mouth.  Slobber everywhere! 

While we’ve had him on his playmat, we have also been taking advantage of tummy time.  He’s doing really good with it.  His little legs get to kicking and moving.  If only his arms were strong enough to keep his big ‘ole head held up.  Once he gets the strength to hold his head up, crawling will be a piece of cake.  He doesn’t seem to mind the tummy time too much.  He does a combination of grunting and “talking” while he’s on his tummy.  He’ll try and try to hold his head up, make some noise and continue that for a few minutes.  However, he’s mastered the signal that he’s getting fed up with tummy time.  He starts to put his fist in his mouth.  Or does he just suck on it?  I’m not sure.  Either way, the hand comes in contact with the mouth, a grunt or moan is heard, and time’s up. 

His “talking” or cooing is still going strong.  He’ll get in good moods where he just talk and talks and talks to us.  Of course, he smiles while he’s doing it too.  It’s those smiles that make all the hard times totally worthwhile.  And if you can get him to smile real big, he’ll put his hands up to his face like he’s being bashful.  Priceless!  It’s been cute listening to him jabber away.  I’ll have to remember these days when he finally learns how to talk for real and ask those annoying questions that children seem to be good at.  “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why Daddy?  Why Daddy? But, why?” “Dad! Dad! Mom! Mom! blah blah blah blah blah!!!”  I’m sure we’ll love it though.  I will just keep reminding myself what a blessing he is to us.  I actually do hope that he asks alot of questions.  I want him to be inquisitive.  I want him to have a hunger for knowledge. 

His sleeping episodes have their ups and downs.  He can definitely sleep for longer stretches, but our challenge right now is getting him to sleep at the times that he needs to.  He’s been napping to close to bath and bed time, so after he wakes up after his first bedtime stretch, he doesn’t seem to stay asleep for long periods after that.  It’ll take a bit of tweaking to get him to sleep at times that work better for all of us.  Lori has been a true champion in taking care of him in the middle of the night.  I don’t know if we haven’t used bottles enough or what, but he doesn’t seem to be taking well to them anymore.  That’s another thing we need to work on.  We started introducing him to bottles about a month or so ago, and he did fine.  But we didn’t keep up with it.  Now I think he’s too used to Mommy’s bottles and doesn’t want imposters.  For Lori’s sake, I hope that we can get him used to bottles, so that I can take some of the feeding burden off of her.   She’s done an amazing job so far though!  I couldn’t ask for a better Mom to partner with.

In the not-too-distant future, we’ve got cereal coming up.  I’m sure that’s going to bring new “joys” in our lives.  I can already tell that we’re going to have great stories that come once he starts eating food.  Teeth are just around the corner as well.  We think that he’s getting ready to start cutting his first teeth.  His bottom gums are starting to show little white buds.  He’s been slobbering alot too.  Supposedly that’s a sign of teething.  It’ll probaby happen once his colick is completely out of our lives.  I can’t wait! (sarcasm)

He’s getting so big, right before our very eyes.  Each time we put him in his car seat, we can see how much bigger he’s getting.  He’s already outgrown a bunch of clothes and before too long, he’ll be moving up a size in diapers.  Next thing you know, he’ll be starting kindergarten.  Until then, I’m going to cherish every baby moment that we have with him….the baby days won’t last long.