Well, Corban has now slept through 2 nights in a row!!!!!  WOO HOO!  I’m actually starting to feel a little sane again.

On Saturday, he had his first “swim lesson”.  We took him over to Eric’s Aunt’s house – they have a nice pool.  So, in he went with Auntie Ronnie and he took to it like a duck in water!  He actually looked like a turtle with his butt sticking out.  He was kicking his legs and everything.  Here’s a picture of Corban and Eric from the swim.  It’s my favorite!






So, by the time we ate and got home, it was well past Corban’s bedtime.  We quickly bathed him and he went to bed almost right away – even without the boob!  He didn’t wake up until 5AM and then ate and went right back to sleep until 7ish!

Then last night, we kept him up a little later than normal.  He went down around 9, again without the boob, and slept until 7AM.  I hope this is not some fluke.  I’ve been praying that God give me just one night of sleep.  Well, he’s given me 2 so far and I’m thankful.  We all are more rested.  However, my back hurts from sleeping in the bed so much.  But, I’ll accept that hurt for sleep!

We also took Corban to meet his “older” brother Logan for the first time yesterday.  It was very strange for me being there and looking at the grave of my 1st son and then seeing Corban alive and well in his car seat.  I love Corban with all my heart, but I will always miss Logan and will always wonder what kind of kiddo he would have been.  Would he be high needs like Corban is or would he be mild mannered?  I’m sure I will be “wondering what” the rest of my life.