Corban started talking about a month and a half ago. It was right around the time that we moved into our new house. Well, I say talking, but it’s not really words that are coming out of his mouth. But, he doesn’t know that. I posted earlier a video of him going to town talking in front of his MImi. Shortly after that, the talking stopped. It was replaced by constant munching of anything that he could get in the proximity of his mouth. Drool everywhere, and fingers running for cover, Corban was on a mission to chomp down on anything and everything. If you held your hand close to his face, his lips and mouth would start going crazy. He would do a little grunt as he tried to get his head to lean in towards your hand for the chewin’. But, he wasn’t talking much then. The “oooohh oooohhh aahhhh ahhhh ahhhh gaa gaa gaaa’s” were no where to be heard. We weren’t sure if his speech had taken a few steps back or if he was just so preoccupied with gnawing on things that he didn’t have time to talk.

Lori’s mom (Mimi) and stepdad (Poppa) and “adopted” grandmother (GGma – pronounced gee-gee-ma) came in town for the 4th of July. We were hoping that Corban would do plenty of talking for them. But it wasn’t happening. Nothing we could do could make him use that cute little voice that he has. We pretty much gave up on the talking for a while.

A few days ago, however, I sat him down and had a talk with him. I told him that I missed hearing his little voice. I missed the conversations, as pointless as they may have been at times, that we used to have. I told him that it brought a smile to our faces to hear him try like crazy to figure out how to use his vocal chords, tongue and lips in unison to make words come out of his mouth. Later on that day, and this is a true story, he started back again. And he must have thought that he needed to make up for lost time because he talked all day long and well into the night. He was talking his little head off. Quiet talking. Loud talking. Laughing talking. Talking through hiccups. Talking as he started to cry and then would laugh and then talk again. He was on a mission to let us know what was on his mind. Of course, we ate it up. We would mimic some of the sounds that he would make and interject real talking so as to build his vocabulary. You’ll never get good grades in school if all you can say is “gaaa gaaa ahhh ahhh aaahhhhhh laaaaaa laaaaaaa!”

Every day since then, he’s kept up the talking. The best is first thing in the morning when he’s all smiles, cooing and laughing. It’s the best way to start the day off. You can’t help but smile when he greets you that way. All the crying and whining from the day before gets washed away when he does that. We’ll have to get that on video one of these mornings. If you haven’t seen a baby waking up in the mornings like that, go find a friend that has a baby and spend the night. It’s well worth it! The cuteness if overwhelming.

Back to the 4th of July. He got an outfit from his grandma Marti that he donned for the day. I’ll put some of those pictures at the end of this blog. The weekend was pretty relaxing. We really enjoyed having family in town with us. Corban’s GGma was lovin’ every moment with Corban. (Who doesn’t?) It’s too bad that they live in Shreveport and not closer to us. It would be nice to be able to see them all more often. But, that makes the time that we do spend together mean even more.

I’ll end this with some more pictures of Corban that we have taken in the past couple days. We finally got a chance to have him wear the coverall shorts that his uncle Daniel got for him a while back. They looked awesome on him. I can’t wait for him to start wearing some of the really cool clothes that we’ve had for a while for him that he can’t fit into yet. He’ll be pimpin’ for sure! Oh yeah, we can’t leave out the tux picture. Who’s tha man?

4th of July

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