Well, to update, Corban still is not sleeping through the night. We have had many suggestions on what to do and I want to thank all of you for them! We are going to the Dr. for his 4 month checkup on Wednesday (although he’ll be 5 months next week) and I plan on talking to the Dr. about it as well. We are going to take him to the Chiropractor to get adjusted. We’ve heard that it works wonders. I’ll keep you posted on that.

So, we got Corban 2 new things. We got him a Jumperoo and a Bumbo chair. He loves both. He loves being in his jumperoo because he thinks he’s standing-which he LOVES to do more than anything. Well, I take that back. He loves the boob more than anything, but standing is a strong 2nd! He loves the Bumbo because he can sit in the kitchen and watch everything I am doing. He loves to look around and it’s amazing how I can just tell that he is taking it all in and learning every day. On a learning note, we’ve started baby sign language. We know that you aren’t really supposed to start baby sign language until about 6 months, but we’ve started already. Corban is a smart boy and maybe, just maybe, he’ll pick it up quickly.

Corban also had his 2nd swim on Sunday. And once again, he loved it. Maybe he’ll be an Olympic swimmer one day. I only cringe at the thoughts that he would have to wear a Speedo and shave his body hair. But, if he keeps up loving the water like he does, you never know what can happen. For this swim, I found some cute little swimming trunks with a diaper built in them plus a cute little sun hat. I wanted to get the matching sunglasses but thought that would probably be pushing it.

Here are some pics of Corban in his Bumbo and in his new swimming outfit. Hope you enjoy!