Last week I had a trip that I had to make to Plano, to my company’s office. I had to be there for a week to teach some training classes to some of the new hires that we have. I was looking forward to seeing people from the office again. But, I wasn’t looking forward to having to leave Lori and Corban (and Penny too) for a whole week. I’ve really started to become attached to our little man. I was so afraid that I was going to miss something big like him walking or something. Well, ok, he’s only 4 1/2 months old, so the odds were on my side that he probably wouldn’t walk while I was gone, but you NEVER know. He did roll over by himself from back to front while I was gone, so I missed out on that. But he’s made up for it since I’ve been home. That’s his new thing. He’ll lay on his back and then fling himself over onto his stomach. He’s pretty good at it now.

So, onto the nerd part of this post. While I was making my hotel reservations, I remembered that I had accumulated a ton of points with Marriott while I was traveling to Detroit all the time last year. In fact, if I made the reservation right with this past trip, I’d be able to score a free 32gb iPod Touch. Being that my old, outdated iPod was on its last leg, that definitely sounded appealing to me. I booked the reservation and sure enough, I barely had enough points to order the new iPod. Now, my nerd side starts to come out. I ordered the iPod on Monday of this week. Originally it was not supposed to be delivered until Wednesday, the 30th. But, I was fine with that. It would be worth the wait. Well, this past Wednesday, I got the order confirmation stating that the iPod would be here on Friday. As in, today Friday. Man, I’m beside myself waiting for it. I’m a huge gadget nerd. I don’t have the money to get all the gadgets I want…but when I do get one, I’m a true dork.

Last night, after Corban was in bed, Lori came into the office to see what I was doing. I think she needed to check her email or something. She walked up behind me and said “Oh my God….” I was watching a YouTube video of someone unboxing an iPod Touch. Yes, people actually make home videos of the unboxing of new items that they get. I’ve seen it alot with Apple/Mac products. And there’s no shortage of iPod unboxings on YouTube. Don’t believe me, here’s one you can look at.

For those that may not know…when I get excited about stuff like this, I really am like a nerdy kid. I can’t help it. Right now, it’s all I can think about. Getting my new toy. Not because I’m an Apple-fanatic, because I’m not. It’s because I’m getting a new gadget. I was that when when I bought just about everything new that I have. Anticipation of not having it already is really what gets me.

Yesterday, I told Lori that I was going to sing a song when the UPS guy delivers the iPod to me. When I open the door, I’m going to bust out the “Three’s Company” theme song. Well, a modified version of it.

“You just knocked on my door…….I’ve been waiting for you…..” LOL!!

Lori said “You’re not really going to do that. I dare you.” I am going to do it though. Well, at least in my mind I’m going to be singing that song. I’m not that much of a dork!

I also told her that I was going to do an unboxing video as well. I have to. I’ve watched a bunch of them and I want to be able to do my own. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t have an answer. At least not one that would make sense. I just want to do one. Probably for the same reason that everyone else has done one. Because they’re nerds.

I need to think about what music I’m going to have with mine. Gotta be some sort of love song. Something like “Falling in love again…what am I to do!” hahaha. Not really. But I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Lori just got back from running errands and asked if I got the package yet. Nope…not yet. But, she did see the UPS guy in the neighborhood, so he’d better be coming soon. Knowing my luck though, it won’t be until the end of the day. That’s probably better anyway, because I’ve got a bunch of work to do. Speaking of that, lunch is over. Back to the grind!

(Don’t make fun of me. We all have our weird quirks. This excitement thing happens to be one of mine. I need to clear off a place on my nightstand for the new iPod. Yes, it will follow me around for a while. One of my coworkers said that Lori is about to become a gadget widow. Only for a little while though.)