Well, today Corban has worn Onesies “B”.  So far, it is definitely the winner.  It seems much softer and holds it shape better.  And, no holes that I can see!  For those of you that are confused, see the previous Lab Rats post.

On to more exciting news.  Corban has cut his first tooth!  I have been saying for a long time now that he was teething and it seems that I was right!  His bottom right tooth finally broke through a couple of days ago.  Lately, there have been many sleepless nights – well, ok, there really haven’t ever been any consistent nights of sleep, but this time it’s been up every  hour and a half to two hours.  It’s made for a very cranky baby and mommy.  One night, I just gave up and slept with him in the guest bed.  I was tired of getting up so much.  Sleeping in the bed with him and I can just wake up, comfort and go right back to sleep.  I hate giving Corban Tylenol and will only resort to giving it to him if he will just not settle down.  I did find these homeopathic tablets at HEB yesterday.  A lady working at Customer Service suggested them.  You are supposed to place 2 or 3 of these tablets under the baby’s tongue and they dissolve.  They contain chamomile and all kinds of other natural stuff for inflammation, etc.  So far, they’ve worked like a charm.  The trick is getting them under there!  The label says that your child may quickly go to sleep after giving tablets due to the immediate relief they feel.  Man, wish I would have found these a long time ago! HA HA!  I also found this raspberry looking pacifier thing for teething babies.  Corban has never taken a pacifier since he left the hospital, but he has taken to this thing.  He likes to hold it himself.  He will take it out, look at it and then pop it right back in! So, it seems to be doing its’ job.  Now if only I can find a way to numb my nipples!

No pictures of the tooth.  Have you every tried to open a baby’s mouth and get a picture?