Tonight, as I lay on the couch watching 60 minutes, I cried.  Anderson Cooper did a special report on the women of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  For those of you that did not get to see this, I am sorry for you. I think that every person in these great United States of ours should have to watch that segment.  It started off by saying that millions of people have died in the past several years.  Yes, millions.  Most of these are women who are raped.  Raped.  Do you know what it feels like to be raped.  I’m not talking just the physical part of it, but the mental part as well.  Do you know?  Well, I do and it is not pleasant.

Tons of women are raped every day. From little girls the age of 3 to older women of 75.  Can you believe this?  They are held down and raped by groups of men each taking their turn.  One women shared her story.  She said that she was asleep in their hut with her two children and brother.  6 men burst through the door and ordered her brother to hold a flashlight so that each man could see to rape her.  One would rape her, wash her out with water, and the next one would take his turn.  After they were through, they ordered her brother to rape her.  He refused to rape his own sister so they stabbed him repeatedly, killing him.  They then took her hostage and made her a slave.  During these months, she did not know if her children, both girls, were dead or alive.  She thought for sure the men would have killed them.  When she finally was free, she discovered they were alive.  On top of this, she was pregnant with one of her raper’s baby.  Another little girl.  Oh, and on top of that, her husband left her because he was shamed about what had happened.  This seems to happen alot.  The men of the villages can not do anything to protect the women and children because they can not go up against the fire power that the militias have.  It’s pure genocide.  All this rape basically over land rights. Oh, and it’s not just rape.  These women have broken bottles, machetes, and even guns shot up into their vaginas.  Don’t you think it’s bad enough just being raped.  These women are mutilated sometimes beyond repair.

So, you may ask yourself why our government isn’t doing anything about it.  I asked myself the same thing, but the answer came to me real quick.  What’s in it for us?  We can go to Iraq and fight, but that has oil involved (and yes, I support our troops 100%).  What do we stand to gain over helping very poor, innocent women and children from being raped.  Nothing.  Except for maybe getting kuddos in helping out those less fortunate. 

In the meantime, we’ll just keep sending our troops over to Iraq to fight.  Yes, I know they are helping people over there, but what about these women and children?  What can we do for them?  It breaks my heart.  I feel physically sick about this.  What can I do?  I want to know.  I’m ready to do what I can to help.