Back in the early days of this blog, I used to get onto Lori all the time for never posting anything.  She would always say that I was better at it than she was.  But, it looks like she’s been doing way more posting than me.  I’ve been slacking, and I admit that.  I guess I have to admit it because there hasn’t been a peep out of me since I got my new iPod Touch.  Yes, I know when the last post was because my lovely wife reminded me of it.  Makes it look like I get a new gadget and forget about the blogging of my family life.

You know, I’ve heard people say “Enjoy your kids while you can because they grow up SO fast!”  Man, ain’t that the truth.  I mean, I know that time goes by faster the older you get.  I’m reminded of that when I think back to when I joined the Army, which was 16 years ago.  I remember thinking back then, before Basic Training “Man, 4 years of the Army?  That’s like 4 years of high school.  And high school seemed like it took forever!”  But, it wasn’t so.  The Army flew by.  And college went by even faster!  Maybe it was all the partying that was done in the Army and in college.  Or, maybe it’s just the fact that as you get older, the faster the time seems to fly by.  Now with a kid, it’s on turbo speed. 

I’m always making comparisons in my mind to how time flies.  I think about Corban now.  He’s 6 months old.  Really?  That’s crazy to me that 6 months have already gone by.  The last six months of Lori’s pregnancy with Corban seemed to take FOREVER!  Especially the last 6 weeks.  But now we have a 6 month old child.  I don’t even look at him as a baby anymore.  He’s starting to become a little toddler.  Well, Lori says that at this age, they’re called infants.  To me, he’s just a toddler that can’t talk or walk yet.  He’ll be there soon though, I’m sure.

Lori already mentioned in her last post that he’s started crawling.  He’s quick too!  He’s got his funky crawl thing going, but it works for him.  You turn your back for a minute and he’s across the room!  He’s just about gotten to the point where he can do the whole on the hands and knees crawl action.  He’s almost got it figured out.  In the mean time, it’s his own way goin’ on and it’s working.

Corban has been going through phases of gibberish that comes out of his mouth.  One week, all he did was vocalize everything.  “LA-LA-LA-OH-AH-OOH-LA-LA-GA-MA”  You know, typical baby talk.  Then he started this thing of saying “MA-MA-MA-MA”.  I’m sure he’s not saying the actual word, nor is he comprehending it, but he is repeating the sound.  Sucks for me because his first word-word will probably be “mama”.  I’ll have to work on that though.  Just don’t tell Lori that when she’s not around us all I do is say “da-da-da-da-da-da-da”.  Just kidding.  He’ll say what he wants to say.  And I’m sure that once he starts talking, there will be times that we’ll wish that he learns how to play the Quiet Game. 

Now though, he hasn’t been talking as much.  But this has happend a couple times in the past.  One week he’s motor mouth, then next week, he won’t say anything.  The one thing that has remained constant however, is the serious look that he’s always got on his face.  He does smile and laugh alot, but most of the time, he looks like he’s studying things.  We’re hoping that this means that he’s going to be a smart kid.  Lord knows we could use a doctor’s income to help us out when Lori and I are old and grey!  But, people comment on that all the time.  “Oh he’s so cute…but he looks so serious.”  He’s taking it all in.  That’s why we think that he’ll do things early like walk and talk.  I know that every parent hopes for that and sees those signs in their kids, but I really do think that.  You can just see it on his face.

It’s been great seeing him grow up.  It’s happened so fast that it’s seems impossible that he used to be so small that we had to hold his head up for him so it wouldn’t fall off (as Lori’s stepdad would always say to us).  He’s sitting up now, he’s starting to make talking sounds.  He’ll be walking before too long.  Damn…we’ve got to get our act together and get this place baby proofed.  I joked about doing that early on but we were both like “We’ve got plenty of time!”  Yeah right.  Time’s up.  Time to put protectors on the outlets.  Get small things off the floor.  And keep our eye on everything that comes even remotely close to his mouth.  It’s like his mouth is a gigantic magnet that pulls everything into it!!  I knew that babies liked to put things in their mouths, but seeing it day in and day out is nuts!  It’s a job in and of itself to keep no-no’s out of his mouth.

So the past couple days, I’ve been working with him on learning colors.  We have one of those things that looks like a colored pyramid of donut shaped plastic ringss.  You know the toy I’m talking about.  You can take the rings on and off this plastic center piece and it’s got a base that rocks back and forth.  I just looked it up.  It’s called the Fisher Price Rock-A-Stack.  Well Corban loves it.  He loves taking the rings off and has even started to put them back on by himself.  Granted, he’s a little clumsy with it, but he gets the job done.  And he seems to be very attentive when I’m working with him as I call out each color as I take the rings off and hand them to him.  I even started taking two rings and I would hold them side by side and ask him to pick a certain color.  More times than not, he picks the right one and I’m sure to praise him.  Sure, it’s probably just lucky probability that he’s picking the right now, but it’s a start.  He’ll learn soon enough to associate the color that I ask for with the correct ring.  He’s a genius in my eyes already.