Well, I realized it has been a while since either Eric or myself have written a new post.  So, here’s what’s been going on with our family.

Currently, we are in Louisiana.  We had a family reunion this past weekend and then a garage sale this coming Saturday.  After the garage sale, we’ll be heading home.

Corban has been growing and developing by leaps and bounds.  He can now push himself up into a sitting position.  It happened right before my eyes!  I was talking to my mom on the phone – one minute he was crawling and the next he was sitting up.  I had to shake my head and do a double take.  I told my mom, “He just sat up on his own!”.  Amazing!  His crawl has been a combination of army man/regular crawl.  Yesterday, he regular crawled for a little bit!  Again, amazing.  He has also started pulling up on everything.  The couch, the table, our legs.  I had to go take some pictures yesterday and when I returned back to my mom’s house, Corban put on a show for me.  My mom was sitting on the couch with one of Corban’s toys.  She would hold it in front of her and Corban would pull/stand straight up to get it.  He would do this over and over again.  What is happening with my baby?  Why does he have to grow up so fast?  It’s crazy that he is only 7 months old and already doing all these things that much older babies don’t even do.  My son is smart!

There is one other big thing that happened since being here.  Let me get my tissue out while I type.  Corban had his first haircut.  He cried, I cried.  I know that it really needed to be done, but I loved my son with his long, hippie hair.  I know that it looked like a reverse mullet, but it’s what made Corban, Corban.  My mom made an appointment on Friday with her hairdresser, Shelly.  Shelly’s salon is called the Whack and Yack.  Yes, that’s right.  Whack and Yack.  And yes, the name says it all.  Want to know the latest gossip.  Go get your hair done by Shelly!  Well, I’m sure she’ll be telling people about how she was the one to cut Corban’s long locks.  He has now gone from hippie to little man.  It’s amazing how much it has changed his looks.  I’m secretly praying for it to grow back quickly so my little man will be a hippie again!