Well, it’s about 4:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep.  I have a ton of thoughts running through my mind.  And thanks to my husband, he started me thinking about this post right before we went to bed.

As we were laying in bed last night, Eric was reading an article on his ipod.  The article was about some scientists who have possibly discovered a way to turn a female embryonic stem cell into sperm in order to fertilize another egg.  They go on to say that it is not yet successful because the “new sperm” doesn’t contain all the DNA, etc. to make up what would be found in a true male sperm.  They’ll have to do more research in order to figure out how to get this to happen.

Well, this makes me mad.  Why do we need this?  Why are scientists spending millions, if not billions, of dollars each year on research such as this?  Why when we need to find a cure for cancer, MS, AIDS, and other devastating diseases? Why, why, why? Not to mention the guys who are spending billions trying to recreate the “big bang theory”. Again, why do we need to know this?  I was appalled when watching an interview with the lead man on this experiment.  He said that by recreating what happened at the beginning of time, we could possible find out how to time travel.  Give me a friggin’ break!  I don’t understand.

I guess this really upsets me because of what is going on right now with Eric’s step-aunt, Lin.  I have not blogged about what is going on, because I wasn’t sure if Roni and Lin wanted their lives to be public.  Well, Roni has created a blog about what is going on with Lin and you can go here to read it.  I encourage you to do so.  Lin is dieing of cancer.  Roni just emailed me last night and said that the nurse thinks she may not make it another week.  Only one more week!  It’s so hard to imagine.  Just a few months ago she was swimming in the pool with Corban and now she is bound to a wheelchair and a hospital bed.  But, hey, that’s OK.  Soon, we’ll be able to make babies without male sperm!  Maybe we’ll be able to go back to the Great Depression and create Monopoly before that other guy does.  That really chaps my ass!  Lin has been one of the nicest, most selfless people that I have known and it hurts me to see her suffer the way she has been.  And poor Roni.  To watch her life partner whither away day by day.  Devastating.

So, for all of you out there.  Please say a prayer for Roni and Lin.  Stop by their blog and offer words of encouragement.  They don’t have to know who you are.  Just letting them know that people out there care Is enough.